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Why Is Employee Engagement Important

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Yesterday, I had a very engaging conversation where I learned directly from an Employee Engagement Expert what it is about.

I have been hearing from connections and clients how employee engagement is one of the major challenges organizations do face. We believe that it is in every activity and experience you provide your employees.

We have shared in our recent article - Why Virtual Team Building Can Improve Employee Engagement some staggering statistics and our experience with Virtual Team Building which we believe can contribute to a more engaged and collaborative team.

What is employee engagement?

Here's what I got from Roddy Abaya's post - Employee engagement is the outcome of the true total value proposition to an employee. It’s the total impact of each employee’s experience and each interaction with the company. Some of these are very tangible, like salary, training, position, recognition. Others, not so visible or tangible, like ease/difficulty of processes, decision making, boss and peer relationships, company reputation.

Why is employee engagement important?

Employee engagement is appealing to HR because of its immediate benefits in employee retention, recruitment, job satisfaction, and happiness. However, there are more to that and here are some of them:

1. Better customer satisfaction - 72% of executives strongly agree that organizations with highly engaged employees have happy customers according to Quantum Workplace.

2. Improved productivity and efficiency R- esearch shows engaged employees are 17% more productive than their peers

3. Employee engagement can improve employee retention and reduce turnover as they are mentally and emotionally connected with the work that they are already doing.

4. When employees are properly engaged with the organization, they understand their own importance in the company, as well as others, and are far more likely to take time to help train, advise, and lead those around them.

5. Business units in the top quartile of engagement see 21% higher profitability according to Gallup.

Nothing is more powerful than applying what is learned.

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