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Training Solutions

Our Mission:

Inspiring sustainable transformation by empowering leaders through customized learning solutions that drives outcomes and impact.

Our Vision:

We’re your training partner who you trust to help your people flourish.

About Customized Training Solutions (CTS) Pte. Ltd.:

Customized Training Solutions Pte. Ltd. knows the importance of enhancing your business’ most valuable assets, your employees. CTS is Asia's Most Trusted Training and Business Solutions Partner.


We help clients by co-creating, contextualizing, and customizing solutions with our world-class resources. Integrating life and work, through holistic personal and professional development. This results in creating sustainable outcomes on people, performance, productivity, planet and profitability.


Delivered varied programs by partner experts with combined practical, facilitating and consulting experience. We do this by building collaborative strategic partnerships with leaders globally.


Our difference? Service, Holistic, Adept, Reliable and Passionate (S.H.A.R.P.)

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We help our clients through:

1. Management & Business Consulting

  • Process Improvement & Change Management

  • Productivity & Performance

  • Adaptability & Agility

  • Business Planning & Transformation

  • Cost Engineering & Project Management

  • Digital Transformation

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Knowledge Management

  • More

2. Leadership Mindset and Programs

3. Continuous Improvement & Innovation

4. Capability Development (Niche Technical Programs with focus on Energy & Finance Industry)

5. Creative and innovative ways of blended learning (e.g. gamification, masterminds, simulation, events)



CTS Core Values.png

CTS Values:

Quality: To provide fit for purpose services to our customers.

Leadership: Dedicated to serve, develop and listen to our customers

Passion: We serve with zest.

Reliability: We share the responsibility to help you achieve you goals. 

Integrity: Working with clients and trainers with high ethics

Collaboration:  We leverage on trainers’ expertise and client partnerships towards a win-win-win situation

Efficiency: Providing value through efficiency & effectiveness 

Our Corporate Logo


The Globe - represents our vision to be a global business, where we can partner with resources and provide our services to clients  from around the world.


The Yellow around the globe - represents that our goal is to create harmony and success through our services and solutions.


The colors of our logo and brand is blue which is associated with harmony, faithfulness, confidence and infinity. While, yellow is associated with wealth, reason, happiness and optimism. 

We believe in continuous learning and improvement which is a process that creates positive results in people, organizations and the community



Rosan Sison-Holmes

"Customized Training Solutions has an expansive portfolio of training solutions, owing to Marylen's numerous partnerships with professional trainers, who are experts in their respective fields. Marylen is a highly effective sales person who places the customer above all and seeks to understand their training needs. She is extremely responsive and works hard to deliver world-class training to her clients. She also takes care of her training partners and ensures that they get a fair deal from customers." 



John Yang

"It was great working with Marylen! Her persistency has helped me make sure that the project with her is on top of my agenda, her ability to work with her clients has helped me to sort out last minute issues very smoothly, and her being pleasant makes her easy to work with."

Mathy _new.jpeg

Mathy Randahwa

"CTS is an excellent training provider which focuses on quality. Their top priority is meeting the client's need and customised accordingly."

Our Solutions & Objectives

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