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All-in-One  Affordable Mental Health First Aid Online Training

Stressed Woman
  • Understand the Mental Health Act


  • Perform Mental Health First Aid


  • Craft your Mental Health Workplace Policy


  • + !!! BONUS RESOURCES !!!

Why This Training?

What we say and do in response to the signs and symptoms of a mental health challenge can have a tremendous impact on the perceptions, actions and outcomes of all involved. 

Education can have a crucial impact on how team members and leaders react during pivotal moments during and after an incident involving someone’s mental wellbeing.

Why We're Different

Person Participating in Video Call

Combination of Videos and  Learning Material

Videos, Case Studies, Hand-Outs, References, Free Ebooks and Quizzes with Real Time Updates 

Supportive Friend

Practical Learning That You Can Apply

Learn and perform Mental Health First Aid Skills correctly via guided skills practice and case studies.

Business Team

BONUS!!! Create and Customize your Company's Mental Health Workplace Policy

Not just a template but the full compliance list of what to include in your policy.

How to Make Offline Payments and Groups

3 Easy Steps to Secure your Course Access:

1. Once you order, we will send you the payment instructions (GCash, Paymaya or Bank Transfer) via email

2. Once paid please send us the proof of purchase to the email we will provide to you.


3. We will send you the ACCESS LINK for you to view and interact with the course

For Group access and discounts, please email

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