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Improve Leadership Skills By Building Trust and Collaboration on a Hybrid Setting

Fast & Fun Way to Enhance Communication, Collaborative Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

 90-Minute Experiential Leadership Skills Development Using Gamification


Join us every 4th Tuesday at 10:00 AM SGT for Unlock via Zoom


This is Perfect for...

Online Workshop

Leaders & Business Owners

Who want to build relationship with teams and network or connect with other leaders in a fun way!

Includes: CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CHRO, Executive Directors, Directors,  Owners, Managing Director, President and Founders

Virtual Team Meeting

HR Leaders & Department Managers

For HR Leaders and Department managers who want to encourage employee engagement and teamwork on a virtual setting.

Includes: HR Leaders, Department Heads/Managers, Supervisors, Leads,  Trainers, Freelancers, and other individuals who would like to invest in themselves.

How can you apply leadership skills learned in the workplace?

  • A study by PwC shows 38% of CEOs believe a shortage of key skills is the top people-related threat to growth

  • 74% of managers says they don't have the influence or resources to make change for employees

  • 75%  find their leadership development programs ineffective

With above alarming data combined with VUCA honing our leadership skill is non-negotiable.


Despite availability of information everywhere, including free programs, contents and resources... Even when your company provides expensive leadership development. How are you applying what you learned? I hear HR leaders and management how these investments get exhausted without returns.


💡After hundreds of conversations, program runs and different ways engaging leaders. This caught our attention!

🤭 The secret is getting leaders together to reflect on behaviors that the team needs to achieve at work in a fun way.


That’s why we’re running an upcoming EXPERIENTIAL Leadership Development using Gamification where you will learn:

✅  How to engage employees virtually 

✅  Improve communication skills while networking with others

✅  Accelerate team achievement and collaboration

✅  Apply leadership skills learned and reflect on what behavior you want to see at work

When leaders know how to lead, influence and communicate. Employees are more committed, accountable, productive and engaged.


Do You Know That Companies With Engaged Employees Are 21% MORE PROFITABLE? 🤑


We will show you how to apply important leadership capabilities in the next normal.


Unlock is a powerful learning activity. Focusing on strategy vs. implementation and team dynamics. It generates true progress while being very fun!




Marylen Ramos-Velasco is the Founder and CEO of Customized Training Solutions (CTS) Pte. Ltd. - Asia's most trusted learning & business solutions provider. She has extensive years of experience in sales & marketing, customer service, events management, operations and training production. 


Her goal is to be able to serve and provide holistic, dynamic & transformational solutions to clients towards success. Being result driven, customer centric and passionate about what she does, Marylen and her team of experts created outcomes after outcomes for customers.


  • Why are we organizing Experiential Leadership Training?
    We want to help more leaders to 1. Learn how to apply leadership skills in a safe space through gamification 2. Close gaps on top people-related threat to growth 3. Increase confidence in influencing team and making decisions
  • Why is it important for leaders to attend this Program?
    1. This sessions give leaders an opportunity to learn what skills are important as well as when and how to apply it. 2. If they wanted to have a holistic view of what it takes to be a leader in this ever-challenging times 3. Reflect on the important behaviours and influence your team to practice this at the workplace
  • Who should attend this Program?
    1. This is perfect for leaders & business owners who want to learn how to build trust and relationship with others. 2. Managers, supervisors and team leads who would like to learn how to encourage employee engagement and collaboration in a hybrid setting
  • What to Expect in this Program?
    Expect to communicate, collaborate and learn capabilities necessary in the new normal in a fun and yet effective way
  • What Makes this Sessions Different from others?
    We are using one of the best gamification platform that is engaging and yet meaningful as this is not the usual quizzes or games run by most. The debrief helps the learners to reflect and know how to make use of what is learned at work.
  • How to register?
    Just press the Register button and choose your preferred date. For more details or in-house sessions contact us at
  • Is there a certificate issued on this program?
    We can provide you with a certificate of participation after the session.

Don't miss out on the FUN with a Purpose. Join us Now!

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