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When it comes to standardizing and improving operations, companies face complex and multi-layered challenges. Analyzing operations and identifying ways to improve efficiencies or comply with regulations is only part of the equation. Ultimately, ongoing performance improvement depends on how easily people are able to learn new processes and demonstrate their ability to carry them out.


As CTS strives to serve you better, we do our best to extend more services not limited to training to be able to identify challenges and reach your goals.  Through Consulting Services, Conferences, Software and other services that you may require, we can help you understand how to achieve sustainable competency management. We work closely with clients to embed our training, tools, services and expertise, and provide on-going support to help build the capabilities needed to revolutionize how decisions are made.

Do you need expert advise? More details, more in-depth and more time, therefore more sustainable solutions? Does your organization need help in improving operations, process or performance? Let us know more so we can help you.

Innovative Learning Solutions

Innovative design using technology and e-learning authoring tools as enablers to develop learner-centric blended learning strategies and learning objects. 

  • Development needs analysis

  • Data visualization

  • Scoping

  • Storyboarding

  • Instructional design

  • eLearning development

  • Learning through gamification

  • Animated videos and other learning videos 

  • Chatbot

  • Simulation

  • Employee Engagement Platform

Excel ebook and courses

The essence of this series of books is that our expert, Duncan Williamson have chosen a series of topics that he believes are of direct interest and relevance to accountants: This can be linked to a training course which uses a toolbox approach filled with practical examples and templates.


People are one of the most critical resources in the company. Choosing the right talent will definitely have an impact in the success of the organization. We have chosen Andrews Manpower Consulting Inc. (AMCI)  as our business partner, with its more than a decade’s track record.  This can be attributed to a relentless effort to have ever-expanding skill sets, which further differentiates AMCI from its competition. Providing highly skilled, well trained and experienced talents over several countries around the world, since 2005.  They have provided talent pools in the Oil & Gas, Engineering, Construction, Medical and Hospitality industries.

A great event for people and industries to meet, learn and network with the right people to do business with.

Creative Events Management

We believe that every client is unique and we will customize our design and services based on their needs and identity. Creative events, activation, interactive forums, technical sound system, booth fabrication and more.


Do you want to improve safety, reliability and operability with a predictive, reduced risk profile?

Learn PSM online, which provides you comfort by learning at your own pace and yet regularly updated with government regulations, industrial necessities and crucial subjects. 

Website Design & Development

Website Design and Development that creates a professional, modern and user-friendly website. We will build effective website design that fully conveys the values of your business.

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