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Ready to transform your virtual or
in-person training into immersive
learning experiences?

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Why Gaminar?

A highly engaging and fun learning webinar games.

When delivering a webinar, it can be a challenge to drive engagement and participation

with your attendees sitting behind computer screens. And if a webinar fails to

engage the audience, it makes it harder to meet learning objectives.

While there are conventional methods such as Q&A’s, polls, live chats and surveys,

blending your webinar with experiential activities will boost engagement exponentially

and keep your participants away from multitasking. Above all, it will enable:

1. Learning retention
2. Learning adoption
3. Learning transfer

Webinar Games for Professional Users Only (HR Leaders, Learning & Development and Trainers or Training Providers) 

Check our Main Games

Highlight Escape Games

The Jungle Expedition 

An action-packed team build in escape game with friends suddenly turns into a unique adventure with one wrong click on the controller. The group of friends are sucked into the game and miraculously get transported to a mysterious jungle, surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, caves and camping sites. What trail will they need to follow to return to their real world?

Escape the Tomb

A group of archaeologists on an expedition in the Valley of Kings, find themselves trapped in an ancient Egyptian Tomb.  The chambers of the tombs are dazzled with precious artifacts, paintings, carved stone images, hieroglyphs, statues and more. Participants need to decode the cryptic clues surrounding them to find their way out of the tomb.


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Stuck in a gaminar? Don't worry, we got your back! Join us in one of our Train the Trainer sessions and you'll get your answers, so you can deliver your events like a pro.

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Join us in a demonstration on how gamification can be used in your webinars, learning interventions and employee engagement

In this session we will be playing a sample game for a bit and we will share with you other games that may be used to make your programs more exciting (particularly on Leadership, Communications, Team building, Change Management and more)

Now on Subscription!!!
US$ 1800/year
NOW only US$ 900
(valid until 31 March 2023)

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