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Why Virtual Team Building Can Improve Employee Engagement

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Do you know that 85% of employees are NOT ENGAGED in the workplace? 😱

Low employee engagement COSTS companies US$450-US$550 billion each year! 😢

We understand that most leaders don't know how to connect well with their teams virtually.

Most find it stressful to think of ways to keep employees engaged in a remote or hybrid setting.

💡After hundreds of conversations, program runs for customers and experimenting on different ways to engage leaders, this virtual team building caught our attention.

So how do you keep your employees engaged in a virtual setting?

What can you do to encourage collaboration within teams without sacrificing their safety?

🤭 The secret is getting them together to reflect on behaviors that the team needs to achieve at work in a fun way.

That’s why we’re running an upcoming ONLINE event called Escape Virtual Team Building

We believe that when people are engaged, they are more committed, productive and collaborative.

​Do You Know That Companies With Highly Engaged Employees Are 21% MORE PROFITABLE? 🤑

​In these virtual team buildings, we will show you how to engage employees to learn important capabilities in the new normal.

This is why you need to attend this session:

❤️ Learn how to engage employees in an effective way

👩‍💻Improve communication skills while networking with other leaders and team members

🤝 Accelerate team achievement and collaboration

Don’t take my word for it, Mia, one of our attendees says that “This is a great tool that is fun and engaging which really helps us to know others, bond with them and collaborate as a team.”

💪🏼 While Laura says that “This is a good tool to transition and go back to what we need to achieve as a team at work”

Finally, Jaker said - “It is an interesting new experience for us. Thinking and united as a team, nothing is impossible. We really enjoyed it!"

Nothing is more powerful than applying what is learned.

Join us now with a special discount using code 'PreLaunch' to know how to boost employee engagement using an effective VIRTUAL TEAM BUILDING - Escape and Unlock at!

Here are more statistics that I have read and believe you will find interesting on employee engagement. In case you missed our previous article, read this for more information on Star Employees Retention Strategies

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