The Truth About Attracting The Right Talents Everybody Should Know

Have you ever lacked manpower in a certain field because you do not have the right employees who have the talent or ability to finish and complete the task?

Completing tasks in a competent manner has always been a worry for every company. Companies make sure that they get the right talent they needed especially for talents that are in demand. When we recruit talents, we need those who are not just talented with their hard skills but with their soft skills as well.

A lot of companies are struggling with hiring the right talents and now that there’s great resignation, attrition at a high and most people realized the importance of work-life balance and flexibility in the way we work – attracting talents will be more challenging for most. In fact, in one of the articles I read by Zenefits, US employers spend $2.9M per day looking for replacement workers, that’s $1.1B per year. Based on that number, we should realize how hiring, attrition and being able to retain your right talents is a costly business.

So, how can you attract the right talents? Here’s 5 Truths about Attracting Talents You Should Know:

1. Promote your company culture

One of the things we can do is promote the culture of the company. When we showcase what the culture and environment the company provides, this will attract a lot of people. This will always be a continuous effort and key in attracting as well as keeping the right talent in your organization. Not only a good company culture attracts the right talents who have the same value but companies that had the best corporate cultures, increases revenue by 4x according to a long-term study.

2. Offer incentives to apply

If we want to get the best talents we can find, we will need to offer incentives to those who will apply and will be hired. Most of the talented people will always look for incentives. Offering them incentives when hired will be one of the biggest factors which will attract those talents that we seek. Always remember to give the employees the incentives that are equal to their skillset and talent.

3. Offer free training

Many people do not solely base the salary or the benefits that the company gives. Part of the top consideration talents look at acco