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Improve Productivity & Profitability By Building Trust and Performance on a Hybrid Setting

 90-Minute Virtual Team Building Using Gamification

Fast & Fun Way to Enhance Communication, Collaboration and Continuous Improvement To Build Lasting Trust & Performance of Team

        Join us every 4th Tuesday of 2022        at 10:00A.M. SGT via Zoom and learn:

✓ How to engage employees virtually using gamification

✓Improve communication skills while networking with your team

✓Accelerate team achievement and collaboration

✓ Creating valid strategies and adapting to more complex challenges

This is Perfect for...

Online Workshop

Leaders & Business Owners

Who want to build relationships with teams and network or connect with other leaders in a fun way!

Includes: CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CHRO, Executive Directors, Directors,  Owners, Managing Director, President and Founders

Virtual Team Meeting

HR Leaders & Department Managers

For HR Leaders and Department managers who want to encourage employee engagement and teamwork in a virtual setting.

Includes: HR Leaders, Department Heads/Managers, Supervisors, Leads,  Trainers, Freelancers, and other individuals who would like to invest in themselves.

"Most find it stressful to think of ways to keep employees engaged in a hybrid setting which increases issues of trust and makes performance management painful for most leaders."

Do you know that 85% of employees are NOT ENGAGED in the workplace? Low employee engagement COSTS companies US$450-US$550 billion each year!

We believe that when people are engaged, they are more committed, productive and collaborative.​Do You Know That Companies With Highly Engaged Employees Are 21% MORE PROFITABLE? 

In these virtual team buildings, we will show you how to engage employees to learn important capabilities in the new normal. Nothing is more powerful than applying what is learned.

Unlock is a highly customizable, powerful learning activity which gets all participants in a cycle of improvement, focusing on strategy vs. implementation and team dynamics. It generates true progress while being very fun!

Key Features:

  • Effective communication skills& active listening

  • Awareness of different team roles

  • Deep analysis on team dynamics

  • Test improvement hypotheses in a plan-do-check-act cycle

  • Importance of creating valid strategies

  • Importance of adapting to more complex challenges

  • Understanding different communication styles of team members

  • Importance of using a shared language to get everyone onboard

  • Requires perseverance and dealing with frustration

  • Offers motivation for continuous growth

  • Leverage individual skills to accelerate team achievement

  • Drives on effective feedback

Build Trust & Improve Performance

Through Employee Engagement


Hi! I am Marylen,  Founder and CEO of Customized Training Solutions Pte Ltd. I have been interviewed by Tao of Confidence (Canada), Rich Woman Magazine (London), UNTV (Philippines) and more to share my insights on leadership.


We received amazing feedback from the Leadership Summit last 2021 and other interventions we organize regularly. Some of the best leaders and entrepreneurs in the world who trained and coached me include Kane & Allesia Minkus, Kevin Harrington, Les Brown, Joel Bauer, Robert Allen, James McNeil, Gerry Roberts, Vince Tan, Melvin Soh, Sean Seah and more. I have shared a virtual stage with business and thought leaders globally like Dave Ulrich, Javed Malik (Group COO of AirAsia), Thomas Thomas (CEO of ARAIBA), Monir Azzouzi (Chief People Experience Officer & Board Director of GoToko), Karen Yew (Group Chief Communications and Branding Officer of Surbana Jurong,) Thomas Ng (CEO of Genashtim) Andrew Bryant, Freda Liu, Philip Merry, Jojo Apolo, Tim Wade, Francis Kong, Dalia Feldheim, Murshidah Said, , Claire Boscq-Scott and more.

However it wasn't always like that, I used to think that to be a leader of influence and impact, you must have a C-Level position. After over 20 years of experience in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur serving some of the biggest MNCs and conglomerates, I have realized that leadership is not about the position. For most of us, we learned from experience working with leaders who inspire us and bosses on the things we should not do. So when I started to speak up and share my insights with top leaders from around the globe, I realized how much difference I could make...

What People Say?

Don't miss out on the FUN!

Avail of our Special Investment Fee of only SG$15 per participant (value at $ 150/person) to improve productivity and profitability as you save on other expensditures  by building trust and performance... Limited to 15 participants, Join us Now!

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