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Career Coaching: Star-Employee Retention Strategies Designed For SMART & CARING EMPLOYERS

Are you a CHRO, CEO, CFO or a Leader who is concerned about losing your best talent?

Do you feel that losing your strong bench of star-employees carries more than financial costs?

Do you need to keep high performing employees to ensure productivity and team dynamics?

In a recent masterclass, Allisha Ali shared what problems are brought about by losing your critical employees. Sometimes, your expensive off-the-shelf strategies to engage and retain your employees are not totally effective. The cost and time investment of hiring, onboarding and training is costing you more than you think.

How to identify your critical star-employees?

Here are some questions you need to think about:

  • Who are your Star-Employees

  • Employees you cannot afford to lose over the next 3-5 years

  • Employees you’re ready to invest in to heighten their engagement and increase their retention factor

What makes Employee Retention so Important?

  • Cost and Time of Replacement

  • Impact on Productivity of the Teams

  • War on Talent

How to engage your strong-bench of Star-Employees

  • Invest in their Personal and Professional Development

  • Support them in finding challenging opportunities internally

What Strategies are you currently using?

  • Appreciation, Rewards, Recognition

  • Benefits (financial and non-financial)

  • Professional and Personal Development

Discover our add-on strategy to sustain engagement and retention

  • How Your Leaders and HiPo See Themselves

  • How HR/Management See Them

  • How the World Sees Them

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Allisha Ali, Ph.D

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