The Refuse-list to Help You Make Your People Stay

Before becoming the boss, you may have experienced starting your career as an employee who made your way to the top. Now that you handle people, you must realize that retaining your employees is also hard work. While some can tolerate you, there will always be employees who value their worth more than anything else.

With that, here is the refuse-list you may want to refuse to make your employees stay.

Refusal to Communicate

Do you also remember how you would talk to your parents about the cartoon you’ve been watching? If not, well, your parents do, as they listen attentively to the things we blab about, be it the most nonsensical thing there is.

Take this practice and apply it to your leadership style – communicate and engage. Check on your employees. Listen to their sentiments and ideas.

It’s a win-win situation – they talk, and you listen and understand.

Refusal to Recognize

You may never forget to put “thanks and best regards” at the end of your email, but recognition goes a long way more than that. Conduct recognition programs that would be dedicated to culminate their hard work. Incentives and tokens of appreciation may take what it needs to give them the boost to work on that document you asked for the other day.

Again, win-win situation – you ensure your employees are recognized; and they will be more motivated to stay and work at your company.

Refusal to Development