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How To Plan To Move Forward And Continue To Thrive?

Sharing from Thriving & Thought Leaders to Transform Successfully and Sustain It

According to one of my mentors, COVID-19 is both an equalizer and a separator. What he meant by equalizer is that no matter what your status is - rich or poor, famous or ordinary, anyone can get COVID-19. The pandemic is also a separator, those who continue to lead effectively, able to pivot, make a difference, continue to serve customers and thrive despite of the situation.

In our recent articles which we based on our previous summit, we highlighted several topics that were both a challenge and an opportunity for most leaders/organizations from our research and interviews:

To thrive you must first look into where you are now and where you want to be in the future, that may need several interventions, transformation and reskilling/upskilling for both leaders and organizations.

In Day 5 of the Summit, leaders have shared more strategies to be able to adapt, successfully transform, execute strategies effectively, create longevity in your senior leadership and other techniques you can do to thrive in any situation.

In the first keynote, Anna, an award winning Change and Programme Management consultant with more than 25 years’ experience under her belt shared how to become the master chef of Transforming and Change, so you can help your business thrive instead of barely surviving. She shared her top 5 secret ingredients, that when applied to your Transformation and Change Programme will help you succeed first time.

Michael Netzley, an Affiliated Faculty with IMD Business School and Founder of Extend MyRunway (EMR) -- a longevity tech start-up translating applied neuroscience into workforce - talent solutions. He said that the 20th Century’s greatest gift is an additional 30 years of longevity. As societies age, and people live and work for longer, our challenge now is learning how to thrive during these additional years. Fortunately, recent neuroscientific discoveries show us how. Science is rewriting the old narrative about inevitable decline after 40 and replacing it with a picture best described as “70 is the new 50.” Learn how your brain PEAKs at important cognitive abilities after 50, what this means for employment opportunities or talent management, and how to unlock the full potential of your healthy brain.

While Allisha Ali, helps ease transformation within many and sometimes different roles in organization as a coach. In her talk, she related the challenge that leaders face in moving from strategy to execution phase to cooking spaghetti sauce. She linked the spaghetti sauce ingredients to our organization’s Vision, Strategy, Plan, People and Performance.

Finally, the panel discussion moderated by our partner, Balasubramanian Krishnan (CEO of Nuveda) with panelist composed of business leaders who are thriving during COVID-19 including Elle Quan (Co-Founder of Medhyve) who said that we must have the ability to embrace disruption, innovate and continuously imagine future trends. Huda Hamid (Founder of Fempreneur Secrets) shared the importance of being able to adapt and react quickly to changes in the business environment to take advantage of the opportunities in the market. While, Dr. Anucha Panoi (CEO & Co-Founder of Dr A to Z) shared how they pivot their business from being a medical tourism to telemedicine platform during COVID-19.

Watch our video highlight on Thriving Leaders:

Leaders lead the change that they want their companies to make. They invest not just time and tangible resources into making sure that their companies are able to delight their target market. They value each member of their organization and they invest in learning for themselves alongside their people.

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