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What does it take to lead effectively in the next normal?

It's been more than a year since COVID-19 hit us and changed a lot of things globally.

People and businesses were affected negatively specially on the initial stage. However, for leaders who were able to adapt and reinvent themselves, it created opportunities to change the way they lead their teams, serve their customers and pivot their business.

Personally, the interesting times pushed me to learn a lot of new things from using zoom and moving our usual Face to Face meetings and programs in a virtual setting. We have continued to stay in touch with clients and potential customers through social media, phone calls/sms, email and other regular activities.

In the early months, it had us thinking on how we can continue to add value given the situation. So, to make it easier for us, we have scheduled calls, meetings and interviews with leaders globally and get to find out more directly from them the answers.

Some of the top goals are:

  1. Be able to develop people in the organization. In fact Mark Stuart's previous blog details more on how to lead in the post pandemic. While, I also shared my personal thoughts on the importance of investing in yourself and made mention in another blog a statistic on learning and yet a lot of organizations are still unprepared on addressing this issue.

  2. Financial sustainability. In business, we would definitely hear profitability, productivity, and performance as some of the top goals. Being able to create that financial sustainability by boosting your topline is definitely a priority for obvious reasons of ensuring that your business can continue to provide employment, contribute to the economy and be able to consistently add value to others.

  3. Improve leaders and organizations' adaptability, agility, culture, wellbeing and to be able to adapt to digital transformation. With so many changes that are happening, adaptability and agility will be key to success. For obvious reasons that most are moving towards virtual, digital transformation is not a good to have but rather a necessity in this new normal. Interestingly, to succeed in the digital transformation, developing the right people and culture has to be prioritized.

While we have defined the top goals, what are the common challenges that leaders face to achieve their goals?

  1. Accountability - people have to be more accountable on their own learning and actions. Values and vision has to be clearly defined and aligned to business goals.

  2. Leadership mindset - since leaders drive directions and success of organization, having the right mindset is of utmost importance. Being able to move from surviving to thriving by having the growth mindset, positivity and culture of learning.

  3. Follow-through - being able to take action, optimize resources and move towards your goals, plans & vision. To be able to seamlessly execute what has been planned and create more leaders who will continue to realize the dreams.

We are pleased to share with you the highlight video of Day 1 of our summit Transforming and Thriving Together where you will learn how you can adapt to a fast-changing world and prepare your teams for the ‘new normal’. This day keynotes and panels will discuss business models, capabilities and what you need to lead effectively in the next normal while creating a purpose driven business.

It's not too late for you yet. Ensure not to miss out on the summit's International Women's Day Promotion until 31st March, as this is meant to be a year of intervention. Help us support our partner Non-Profit Organization Women On A Mission to raise funds for the Big Sister Mentorship Programme (to help women and girls who are from dysfunctional families on several programs like back to school, parenting talks, counselling, self-development sessions , practical life skills and confidence building projects) while investing in yourself.

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