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How To Build High Performing Teams With The Right Mindset, Hearset and WellBeing

One of the silver lining COVID-19 brought about to most leaders and organizations is to realize the importance of building a team with the right mindset, heartset and wellbeing.

Most leaders who were able to adapt quickly and respond positively during these interesting times are those who practiced all three.

We always hear over and over again the importance of mindset in leadership but at the same time most leaders fail as they miss to build relationships and trust with their team. Gone are the days when leaders dictate everything and show no emotions...

In the summit we organized in February 2021, Dalia Feldheim talked about how to become a compassionate leader and here the summary of her talk:

87% of employees are unhappy at work feeling they are not respected as human beings. This is costing the economy up to 7 trillion $ in stress related disease. COVID has increased the stress and anxiety at the workplace.

Key is how do we bring back the spark and heart to work to drive not only happier employees but higher performing employees who lead with purpose, perseverance, people and positivity.

In the first panel co-moderated by Dana Bachar-Grossman and our very own Ann Mijares with panelists Hetal Bhatt, Jojo Apolo and Jeremiah Teo, they had shared different perspectives on how the journey begins with the right heartset and mindset.

Leadership is a journey" according to John Donahoe, currently PayPal Chairman. How do we balance our heartset and mindset for a smoother journey for us and our team/organization? People and organizations have realized that having a great leadership mindset, empathy and purpose can help them move forward in being able to have the grit and resilience to make every difficult conversation, decision and situation manageable.

Like in any crisis, there are opportunities that come with it. Eugene Seah shared with us "The Antifragile Mindset" and how it makes perfect sense to welcome stress into our life, and more importantly, the exact methods to turn stress and uncertainty into strength and growth.

Finally, our last panel for Day 2 - Faye Lawand, Ire Bellinger, Aidee Rodzman Rosidi and James Verzosa had a detailed discussion of How to Support Holistic Wellbeing in the Workforce. The biggest change in the workplace now is that we can do our work simultaneously, together or in portions and be in different locations. They shared how and what holistic well being interventions they do in their organization, how learning support can mental health and wellbeing initiatives and suggested programs or activities that you can apply in your organization.

Sharing with you the highlight video for Day 2 -

It's not too late for you yet. Make sure to take advantage and benefit from the summit's International Women's Day Promotion until 31st March, as this is meant to be a year of intervention. You will be able to access keynotes, panel discussions and other contents that will help you lead effectively in this new normal. This one of a kind summit added so much value to corporate warriors as well as business owners who attended the program. On top of the learning and follow through that you get to have in this program, you will also help us support our partner Non-Profit Organization Women On A Mission to raise funds for the Big Sister Mentorship Programme (to help women and girls who are from dysfunctional families on several programs like back to school, parenting talks, counselling, self-development sessions , practical life skills and confidence building projects).

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