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How Can Your Communication Skills Help You Increase Your Influence And Impact

To be an effective leader, you must be able to influence people and create an impact within your organization or community. Part of doing so is being able to communicate with purpose and being able to adapt in the culture of the organization that you work with. Having the ability to influence stakeholders has a clear value as you get more done, you are noticed easily and possibly promoted.

Communicating effectively could be challenging due to different personalities of colleagues, clients and even our family members. So how can you increase your influence and impact through communications? How can this help you to attract the ideal clients and right people in your life? How can you motivate others to adopt your ideas? How can you be the go-to person that others look to for guidance and advice? How can you share your message and knowledge globally?

Here are some of our take on these:

1. Start with yourself

Being able to have high self-awareness gives you an advantage as you can respond properly when communicating with others. This means being aware of your emotions, knowing the things that you can and can't control, assessing your strengths, opportunities, values and preferences.

With the right mindset, you will be able to calibrate and validate your biases, you will likely provide opportunities to create small wins that will magnify others' potential and therefore build deeper connections and trust with your team.

2. It's all about the team

Strategically focus on highlighting the organizational purpose in every opportunity you have in front of your team. Get them excited about growing by sharing the impact of your work and future you envision. When the team has a growth mindset, everyone will likely contribute, collaborate and commit to the organization's growth.

There will always be uncertainty but when the team is committed to collaborate in order to convert contradiction to connectedness, silos into solidarity, risk to rewards and daily efforts into a dramatic improvements bigger results come.

In our previous webinars and summit, we have mentioned several times about building psychological safety within the organization which helps in cultivating creativity, continuous learning and promoting progress. You will be surprised how amazing ideas start to come out from all team members. There is no greater way of empowering and supporting your team other than believing in them.

At the end of the day, it is the use of influence rather than power, building a behaviour of what is possible rather than using the killer Cs (criticizing, complaining, comparing) and focusing on what is right, not who is right.

In this blog, 6/10 Leadership Competencies Involve Communication, we shared some statistics and invaluable tools from several business and thought leaders globally on this topic.

3. Communication Skills will always be key

Communication is both an art and science which is key in getting your message out to influence people. All leadership is about influence which is the most important factor in your impact.

Investing in yourself to improve on your abilities and adaptability to keep on growing and learning. Here are some ways to improve your communication skills to dramatically increase your influence with your people.

  • Build real connections by having a good rapport with your colleagues. This might mean being able to connect with people emotionally, exuding confidence and charisma

  • Listen by giving them undivided attention, be emotionally curious as everyone wants to feel important, be liked, loved and accepted. When you are interested in other people and fulfill others needs, they will likely engage with you as well.

  • Use high-powered body language by being mindful of your movements and tones when conveying your message.

  • Tell a story, people's brain are wired for stories, this can help you stimulate other's brain as you become relevant and relatable

  • Be vulnerable, being open about your emotions increases your likeability and influence.

Here's a story of one of my coach and mentor, Zeal:

When he was younger he had low self esteem and challenges communicating with people because he was bullied when he was in school.

This challenge continued all throughout by primary and secondary school.

His turning point was when he attended a Bootcamp during his University days. He met a very loving mentor who gave him unconditional Love & Respect. That inspired him to change his life by reading motivational books, attending self development seminars and getting successful Mentors.

Fast forward more that 20 years later he became a trainer, life coach, Co Author of 3 best selling international books and an award winning entrepreneur.

Now he has mentored and helped thousands of people to Be Great Communicators, trainers, life coaches, overcome their communication challenges, share their message globally and turn their knowledge and experience to a sustainable source of income.

You can find out more about his upcoming training on 30-31 October 2021, if you are a trainer, life coach and professional who wants to improve your communication and presentation skills to share your message or knowledge globally.


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