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The Power of Words

The power of choosing the right words in every situation is very important, we can use any words we wish to utter but we always do not know what will happen next. When we speak, the main goal is to express ourselves or to share something out of nowhere. Speaking does not require much but the words coming out of our mouths can be either constructive or destructive.

Being the most powerful force in humanity, words that are used in different but proper ways can change someone’s life. From being at the bottom, uplifting words can start pulling that person up because the words you chose changed the way he or she sees life. The same goes with destructive words that might ruin their day or inflict a problem which they can never forget.

Another thing that completes how words affect us is the status and the power you hold. An influential person can influence a crowd with a single word, hence anything you say must be carefully chosen and reflected on before spitting out.

Here are some of the importance of wordings that we can take note of when communicating:

  1. Using proper Syntax or Sentence Structure – when we make a sentence, we should know the different ways to structure sentences. An example to syntax is knowing how to use sentence connectives. This would allow listeners to further understand what you are saying. This would also help you connect clauses.

  2. Diction – on the other hand helps us what words should we choose and use when we are talking. When we have good diction, listeners would understand us better. Also, it would impact our arguments and it would increase our credibility. We also must not use overly informal diction because it would confuse our listeners and sometimes it would simply be less specific.

  3. Tone – when we use the proper tone, it would show the listener our attitude when we are communicating. It can influence the mood of your listener when you use proper or improper tone. When we communicate with someone, may it be writing or talking with a person, we should maintain an appropriate tone throughout the conversation.

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