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Do you have a growth mindset? If not yet, join us!

Here are some of the benefits of having the right mindset and we are able to implement this as a leader in your organization:

1. Build a Culture of Trust at Work

This is also an issue that has been raised by mainy due to working remotely.

Have you ever thought about the trust quotient of your organization? Is your organization a place where there is a high degree of trust amongst employees or is it a place where people are not trusting enough or fearful to share their views?

Trust is of utmost importance because we live in a world where we need to work with other people. If there is little trust between people, very little can be accomplished as people will be doubting and questioning each other all the time. Trust is an extremely valuable currency because it’s the glue that connects our relationships with others. Trust enables us to achieve great things together.

2. Finding meaning at work – how leaders can shape meaning at work

Meaning and motivation at work has been an issue as some people have lost the connection and the usual human touch that we used to enjoy before COVID-19.

Have you ever wondered to yourself what is the meaning of it all? What am I doing at work? Is what I’m doing worth it?

The leaders at all levels of organisations need to ask themselves this question and ask how they can infuse greater meaning for their people because if we find our work meaningful, we will be immensely motivated and much happier at work. This translates to greater productivity, creativity, discretionary effort and performance improvement leading to greater organisational success.

Here are some of the areas leaders can work on to infuse greater meaning at work for employees:

  • Helping people identify their strengths

  • Find out what they value

  • Build relationships and create a positve workplace (even remotely)

3. Improve Productivity by Improving Your Thinking Capacity

Productivity has been a common question now that most are working from home and yet, we hear a lot of people complaining how there are no boundaries anymore when it comes to work and endless meetings...

Our thinking shapes our perception and how we approach people and problems. This eventually affects the results we get and whether we succeed or fail in what we set out to do.

How can we improve our thinking capacity? Here are 3 important ways or frames of thinking that we can all cultivate to strengthen our thinking capacity:

  • Meta thinking is simply being aware of our own thinking

  • Collaborative thinking is when we will be thinking about how to involve others in what we’re doing and in sharing information with other people

  • Thinking from multiple perspectives – this mode of thinking gets us to look at an issue or idea from the eyes of different people.

Here's an interesting short video from Carol Dweck comparing fixed and growth mindset. The learning in this video may be applicable to your children and even team members. Enjoy!

You can read more on how to improve your mindset in on our previous article and join us on 21 May 2021, Friday at 2PM if you would like to improve your mindset in order to lead effectively and succeed in life -

Chris Chew is an experienced learning & organization development practitioner who helps individuals and organizations achieve sustainable performance by focusing on mindset mastery and change. He is a certified neuro-axiologist and leadership coach with over 20 years of experience working with multinational companies like Shell.

Resources: Chris Chew and TED - Carol Dweck


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