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For Business Leaders, Managers & Team Leads

Leadership Mindset

"Effectively Leading Self To Navigate Changes & Challenges"


When: 21 May 2021 (Friday)

2:00 - 3:00 PM

Business Meeting
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1 Hour Masterclass Session

Senior Businessman

Business Owners & C-Levels

This course will be valuable to business leaders who wants to develop their leadership skills and be able to face stressful and challenging situations effectively.

Includes: CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CTO, CHRO, Business Owners, Directors, Division Heads and Senior Managers

Business Woman Vision

Team Leaders & Managers

This workshop will benefit leaders who would like to know how to better navigate changes and challenges in the corporate environment, and to be more resilient and resourceful

Includes: Department Heads, Department Managers, Team Leaders and High Potentials including Individual contributors

This Training is Perfect For...


Do you find it stressful when you face a challenging situation when interacting with your colleagues or stakeholders?

Do you need to find ways to be more resilient and resourceful to be able to navigate changes and challenges in the corporate environment?

Do you constantly fight with the small negative voice within you which focuses on fears rather than your dreams?

In order to lead others well, we need to be able to lead ourselves well first. The practice of good self-leadership requires personal mastery and good self-

Self-awareness is about the capacity to view self, other people, situations and
challenges from a range of different perspectives. The capacity to do this well will help a leader engage well with others, motivate people, manage conflict or issues well to make great decisions.

Young Businesswomen

Discover personal biases or disempowering frames of mind

Business Brainstorming

Recognise the critical role of mindset in leadership effectiveness

Colleagues Working Together

Identify strategies and techniques to shift mindsets and behaviors

Why Attend This Masterclass Session?

Chris Chew is an experienced learning & organization development practitioner who helps individuals and organizations achieve sustainable performance by focusing on mindset mastery and change.


As a certified neuro-axiologist and leadership coach, Chris has had extensive training and experience in helping individuals and organizations transform their thinking and effectiveness. His first-hand experience in working with various professionals from different organizations has shown him that knowledge and skills training are not enough. The KEY to better personal and organizational performance lies in the QUALITY of our thinking, and mindsets play a huge role in that.


Chris has more than 20 years of experience working in large multinationals like Shell (covering retail, commercial, manufacturing, IT) as well as top Singapore institutions such as SIM (Singapore Institute of Management), where he has led initiatives such as organizational culture transformation, change management, talent & succession management, employee engagement, leadership development and corporate learning & development.

He was the lead adjunct lecturer in Organizational Development and Change at SUSS (Singapore University of Social Science). He is also a certified Neuro-Axiology coach, DISC, I-OPT facilitator, Results Coaching System Coach, AEP professional, ACTA certified trainer and adjunct facilitator at IAL (Institute of Adult Learning Singapore).

“Thanks for conducting an engaging and interactive workshop. The training
content was clear, concise, easy to understand and the session was highly
motivating. I walked away from the session with a renewed confidence and
having acquired a new skill set”

“Chris energizes his sessions with very interesting group works and activities.
Being empathetic in nature, he was also willing to listen to the participants’ issues
and provided very practical suggestions”

“I thank you from the depth of my heart for making learning meaningful,
interesting, impactful, relevant and enjoyable!”


Here's What You Will Learn from this Masterclass Session

The masterclass will introduce participants to the importance of mindset, its impact on our leadership and how to shift our mindsets so as to maximize personal leadership effectiveness.


  • Recognize self-awareness as the foundation for effective leadership

  • Understand how the mind works

  • Explore disempowering mindset(s)

  • Explore ways to shift mindset(s) to maximise leadership effectiveness

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