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Do you want to be more focused & productive at work?

​One of the biggest challenges for professionals is remaining focused and productive in a fast paced environment. Some days, it can be relentless! With a constant flow of emails, meetings, requests it's like a machine gun coming at you.

And that's without any setbacks or problems that occur along the way! All of these things give you little time to actually deliver any work!

In an interview with WellteqI shared a way to remain focused even in adverse situations. Click here to find out what that is.

I found that my days just ran away with themselves and some days I didn't feel like I had achieved anything. I'd be doing so much firefighting that it really felt like an impossible task to deliver anything.

I needed to build my coping mechanism when problems occurred and to remain focused so i didn't drop any balls. Here's how i did it.

I really had an open mind to trying a different approach as I recognised that that one I had been using, didn't work! Yet, I saw others around me being much more astute and focused and i wanted some of that!

About the author

ANJI HALLEWELL is a Self-Mastery & Performance Expert, who over the last 15+ years, has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Mediacom, FOX, RBS & QBE Insurance in a variety of talent development roles. After spending years mastering the impact of behaviour on human potential, and personally experiencing some of the high-pressure challenges facing today’s aspiring leaders, Anji discovered that self-mastery was the key to achieving natural success. She has taught 100s of professionals proven mindset tools for them to rise above the negative workings of the ego and perform at their best.

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