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Why People Quit?

We have all heard of #greatresignation and obviously people leave for different reasons which could be intrinsic or extrinsic as I learned from a Star-employee #retentionstrategies session I have organized with Allisha Ali, Ph.D

It is interesting though that uncaring/uninspiring #leaders only come to 3rd and unreliable/unsupportive #colleagues 6th reason why people are quitting their jobs. I, for one, find it most difficult to work in an environment with such toxic conditions. In fact most conversations and complaints I hear from ex-colleagues, friends, and client/potential clients revolve around these two…

I also see connections on below data according to a survey done by in 2020, on what would employees consider important in improving experience

1. Career Development

2. Learning & Development

3. Recognition programs

4. Manager & leadership development

5. Mentoring and coaching

In my previous talk on #futureofhr with the amazing participants from HR Calabarzon Group, Inc., I have shared sentiments I hear around #recruitment , #employeeengagement and #learninganddevelopment Then followed by my take on how can we address this moving forward through #leadership #learning #accountability #buildingrelationships and #collaboration

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