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5 Ways that Coaching Advances Your Career

"To Help Others Develop, Start with Yourself" - Marshall Goldsmith

There is only one real way to advance your career, and that's by adding value to the organisation. Sure, you may get small incremental increases in salary, due to length of service, but that's not really advancing your Career.

In order to get promoted, you must be perceived by the Leaders of the Organisation, that you can add more value, in a higher position.

And how do you get perceived by the Leaders to add more value to the organisation? There is only two ways;

  1. Develop Yourself

  2. Develop Others

As you develop yourself, your skills improve, business acumen increases, ability to influence, and of course, your leadership. And as you develop, it's also a good idea to support the development of others, as you then add more value to them, and the organisation.

One of the best Development tools available, for yourself & others, is Coaching. Here are the 5 most common ways that Coaching can help you develop, and advance your career;

No.1 - Accountability - If you're serious about improving yourself, and advancing your career, a Coach can help keep you accountable for your skill development. A great Coach will ensure you keep your commitments, complete your daily & weekly actions, and keep you disciplined towards achieving your outcome

No.2 - Fresh Perspectives - If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got. A Coach will help you think & perceive in different ways. You see, the problem is never really the problems. It's our thinking about the problem that's the problem. Through powerful questions & active listening, the Coach invites you to look at things differently.

No.3 - New Tools - A great Coach will also share tools & techniques for thinking, decision making, emotional control & communication. While traditional Coaching aims to 'only ask questions', more modern Coaching practices encourage the Coach to share their resources (with Client permission), to help the client achieve greater results more quickly

No.4 - Challenging - Working with a Coach can sometime be a challenging process, and this is a good thing. A Coach will encourage & support you to push yourself outside your comfort zone...because that is where the true growth happens. Having a Coach beside you during these 'growth spurts' is a great way to stay focused & prevent overwhelm

No.5 - Develop Your Coaching style - As you receive Coaching, you begin to learn & define your own Coaching style. As a Leader, knowing HOW to Coach is extremely important, and the higher you go in the organisation, the more time you will spend Coaching & Developing your teams. Your Coach can help you develop your Coaching skills, so that you can Develop others more quickly.

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