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What Is The Best Leadership Styles In The World?

Most professionals have their own style/s of leadership depending on their experience, personality and organizational need or company culture.

In our Leadership & Transformation interviews, most of them will share these best leadership styles but again there's no one size, fits all. There are times that leadership styles may be dependent on the situations you are in.

Here are the top 5 best leaderships styles in the world for me:

1. Coaching leadership style - leaders using this style can recognize their team members' strengths, areas for improvement and motivation to be able to support them. They are able to ask the right questions, open in their team's ideas and are skilled in setting clear expectations and creating a motivating environment.

Leaders who use this style is usually supportive, offer guidance, value learning and are self-aware

2. Visionary leadership style - leaders who use this style have powerful ability to drive progress and usher in periods of change by inspiring employees and earning trust for new ideas. They foster confidence and establish strong organizational bonds.

These kinds of leaders are persistent, bold, strategic, inspirational, and innovative.

3. Servant leadership style - live by people-first mindset and believe that when team members are personally and professionally fulfilled, they are more effective and therefore produce great work.

Leaders using this style are skilled in building employee morale as they focus on employee satisfaction and collaboration. They are excellent communicators, care about the team and committed to growing their team.

4. Democratic or participative leadership style - is someone who asks for input and considers feedback from their team before making a decision. Leaders using this style often create high levels of employee engagement and workplace satisfaction.

Leaders using this style encourage flexibility, value discussion and promote a work environment where everyone shares their ideas.

5. Transformational leadership style - focus on clear communication, goal-setting and employee motivation driven by commitment to organizational objectives.

Leaders using this style have mutual respect with teams, provide encouragement, inspire others to achieve common goals, think of the big picture and are creative.

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