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The Ultimate Qualities Of A Great Leader

Leadership is a lifelong journey that begins with self-awareness. Interestingly, leadership has been defined differently and sometimes assumed similar to management.

Despite leadership may mean many things to different people. We believe that some of the best definitions of a great leader is a person who does the following:

  • Creating a vision and moving people to rally behind that vision and work towards its fulfillment

  • Helping people to be the best they can be

  • Positively influencing others

  • Enabling and empowering people

  • Being an Example - showing others what's possible with purpose and persistence

What are the Ultimate Qualities of a Leader?

Humility, Authenticity and Self-awareness - Being able to understand your strengths and areas for improvement while building an authentic leadership style to be able to do your best work. Leaders who stay humble are open to learn and take contribution from others which is very important

Growth mindset and Optimism - A positive attitude can set the tone and motivate individuals to be more productive. Great leaders always find ways to develop skills and improve on behaviours, processes, strategies, systems, etc.

Visionary - The ability to see the big picture of where his team and organization is heading and being able to help his team to get there

Decisiveness - Able to make difficult decisions, solve problems, think critically about the organization or team they work with. Great leaders are willing to make empowered decisions, take calculated risks and be accountable for it.

Sincere enthusiasm and passion for the business, product or services that he or she offers. As these are created to solve problems for customers.

Charisma - Effective leaders are great communicators, approachable, respectful and sincerely care for others.

Great communication skills that help them to motivate, inspire, influence and create results. They are clear and concise with their message. A good listener with an open mind that speaks with authenticity and transparency.

Adaptability and Agility - Leadership means being adaptable and nimble when the situation calls for it. Being able to manage changes, navigate the VUCA world and handle roadblocks or obstacles along the way. Great leaders embrace change and challenges with courage to speak up, share new ideas and even ask for help or feedback when needed

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