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The Role of The Subconscious Mind in Resolving Chronic Stress

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Our mind and body is speaking with us when there is something wrong. These are internal signals that something is not right and something has to change.

Why do we wait so long to make the changes?

We were not taught to consider ourselves, understand ourselves, make sense of our emotions and thoughts as well as to pay attention to our body. When something breaks down, you look for the fix - doctors, medicines, etc. We overvalue our conscious mind over our intuitive mind. The most important relationship to foster in life is your relationship with yourself.

What does internal conflict mean?

Internal conflict is the internal limitations that keep us from being, feeling and having what we want. It can be memories from the past, limiting beliefs, values that are not aligned with us.

What can we get out of dealing with our stress?

Be mindful of our language and choices of language we use or don't use as it reflects or mirrors in our internal mental mechanism. The pictures in our brain create a physiological response which is attached to our emotion that creates internal dialogue.

What do you do to have an authentic conversation with others?

It comes from the inside, being ok that you are authentic with oneself. There's less separation between us. The COVID-19 has highlighted how we really are interconnected, what happens in one part of the world impacts every other part of the world and this brings down the barrier to be authentic in ourselves. The more we are honest and authentic in ourselves, the more we can be the same with others.

When we are open to share our imperfection, it gives the understanding that our human experiences are the same, there's a relation there as we all have fears.

How do you connect with nature, others and yourself?

Being able to visit nature on a regular basis. Being able to look at nature - trees, flowers, beach, etc. The more we connect with ourselves, others and nature, the better relationships and life we have. When you have the right relationship with yourself, insecurity disappears. Appreciating yourself, doing things you like, talking to yourself nicely, doing nice things for yourself and giving yourself nice things

Listen to more details in below's podcast interview between Faye Lawand and Laura Hett.

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