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Time To Eliminate Stress (Not Manage It)

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

What is Stress Elimination?

Despite stress management, meditation, essential oil and other techniques might help your nervous system but have not eliminated chronic stress.

Although stress might be helpful in some cases when you have deadlines and other big performances, these are instances where we need that stress response - adrenaline, energy and motivation.

Transforming stress is not about managing stress which is not working. It's not about controlling it but rather changing it to your advantage to improve productivity and performance. Understand what are the emotional contributors of stress, getting to the heart of what is causing the emotional stress that are triggering your stress response and resetting your nervous system.

How does the subconscious mind play a role in stress?

Our subconscious mind is our store house of all our life experiences, life events, thoughts, beliefs and runs our body. So when there is a perception of danger, threat or harm, the perception is perceived in the subconscious. Seeing reality from the lens of the past.

The problem is that our mind can't determine the difference between the real, imaginary and past experiences. More often than not what happens is that it brings the repetitive story, the key is really to filter and identify what is the actual stressor.

The internal causes the external so to work on ourselves, we need to look internally. It's about making the unconscious conscious.

What is Trauma and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)?

Trauma and PTSD also comes from unregulated responses. Trauma is an event or multiple events that happen that totally overwhelms the nervous system. When we do not have the internal resources to build on those event/s they get stored in our nervous system as implicit memories in our body.

Trauma is behind addictive behaviors, mental health illness and PTSD. When the nervous system is in heightened state our stress response get high quickly without going through the full cycle. This when we feel this in the body like pressure in the head, stomach pains, chest pains and the like

Trauma is not what happens to you but what happens inside your body and inside your nervous system.

How does COVID-19 shift on how health means?

One of the paradigm shifts that COVID-19 brings is the re-evaluation of what it means to be well and healthy. Health and wellbeing is not just about physical health. The way people look at and think about what it means to be successful in work is going to be balanced with what it takes to be well in order to thrive in work and life.

When you are in balance, your physical body will improve your health, relationship and career.

Root cause of the Problem

What you think consciously is the root cause of the problem is never the root cause of the problem. The first 7 years of our formative life where our brain is not yet developed to make sense of the world and rationalize.

Connecting you to the internal resources is part of what Faye does in working with her clients.

Not being able to address chronic stress is what is killing us. Listen to the full podcast below.

Join us in our Stress Elimination Masterclass on 15 September, Wednesday at 2 PM SGT ideal for busy professionals, just like you, who have a full and demanding life and who want to go beyond the “stress needs management” approach. That mindset is limiting, generic and ineffective. This practical training empowers you with the mindset that allows you to eliminate chronic stress, and not just manage or reduce it. The masterclass is informative, eye-opening and very experiential. You’ll walk away with ground-breaking knowledge and tools which you can apply in your life straight away in order to forever change your relationship with stress.

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