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The Importance of Training and Development in an Organization

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” ― Dr. Seuss

Have you ever thought on how to further improve your team? With the ever-changing organization, it is important to keep in mind that the skill set of our team must be developed along with the technological advancement. We also have to consider that if we train and develop our employees, this will give us the edge over our competitors. Learning new things will bring success to an organization but what are the other benefits of training and developing our employees?

Training and development have a big impact with our employees. Imagine having a company where they invest in their own employees. According to a Gallup survey, when a company invests in the strength-based development, it impacts sales, profit, customer engagement, employee engagements and there will be fewer safety incidents. These are just a few benefits that we will see when we develop the strengths of our employees. Of course, there are also different more benefits that we will be discussing.

As we all know, employees belong in a single organization and everyone should be entitled to the available training and development programs that will be given. Some employees may not be as excited as the others but of course knowing that they also have access to such opportunities would strengthen the impression of the employee to the company.

Here are three more reasons on why we should have training and development for our employees:

1. Employee retention is higher – Employees would stay with their employer when such opportunities are available. Any working professional would be happy to stay with a company that caters to their personal growth. Instead of having a day-to-day job which requires you to do everything again and again, its better for the company to target developing these people by training them.

2. Boosts productivity in the workplace – If the company’s employees are highly trained, they’d be more efficient and effective with their tasks. Mastering techniques are the things that allows them to create more for the company. Training is they key for them to master what they know.

3. Better results – When they master their skills or even if they learn new skills, this will help them have better results when working. These can be achieved by proper nurturing and trainings. Better output means that the quality of their work would be further enhanced which could rake in better profits and sales.

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