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Resolving Internal Conflict To Live A Better Life

What is Internal conflict?

We all have internal conflict, it is anything that limits you from accessing what you want to be, what you want to feel, what you want to do, and what you want to have. These may be past experiences, unresolved memories from the past, irrational fears, outdated programs of thinking, out of line beliefs, misaligned values and other blockages in one's life.

We are not normally aware of these or what we call blind spots.

Does internal conflict come from childhood?

We all encounter internal conflicts along our journey. Because internal conflicts are the pathway to growth, progress and development. This is also what helps us to get to our peak potential.

Between birth to 7 years old is a formative stage, when we form our beliefs, but this is when we don't really know how to rationalize and take things literally. This is what we get to learn from parents, family, teachers, friends and media.

Most people who check on Social Media when they wake up and before they sleep, when you have access to your subconscious mind, are the ones who easily feel mental health challenges as they look on things that are external to them.

According to statistics, there is an increase of depression among children between 0-7. As a parent, you have to ask yourself, what do I want to give my child?

How Faye helps her clients holistically?

She uses proven modalities that have stood the test of time and are evidence based. It is a holistic solution which includes -- What are you doing for your mind, what are you doing for your body? What are you doing with your emotions? What are you doing with your breath? What are you doing with your day to day lifestyle? What are you doing in taking responsibility for making change in your life?

Change is not a quick fix, it's not external that happens to you, but rather you need to take active steps to make it happen. You have to own it, to recognize it and commit to change it, from where you are to where you want to be without blaming, complaining and anything external to you. Stress, overwhelm, parenting, job and relationship is not a problem. Those are symptoms and the problem is something internal which is out of alignment that needs to be looked at.

What has to change in the school system?

The current school curriculum is not enough to make children resilient. Children need to learn emotional literacy, mental literacy, and self agency. The world is evolving and needs enough skills to grow. Bilateral brain learning has to happen.

This is a year of transformation and a good time to reassess how we do things - education, health, and more.

What are the top reasons people come to Faye?

Stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety, lack of balance, not fulfilled, phobias, trauma and the like. Trauma is a series of events, incidents or experiences that have a highly emotional charge, either overwhelming that your mind can't handle it or believe you do not have the internal resources to handle it.

All of us have experienced trauma within our continuum. Sometimes we tend to override our past trauma by rationalizing it.

What does Faye help her clients?

Faye uses a multi-modality approach that she has to take to address her issues. You need to regularly, consistently and routinely care for the nervous system by inviting to the branch of wiring the system to repair yourself, reset your endocrine system, consolidate your memories and detoxify your thoughts.

Uncertainty will be perceived by the stress part of the nervous system. Internal conflicts that are being dealt with from the subconscious level.

Make lifestyle changes by being aware of negativity - what are you listening to, what are you saying, what are you thinking, what are you reading, what are you watching, who are you spending your time with?

What are some practical exercises that people can do?

Be in your present moment by engaging your senses -- what are 5 things that I see, what are the 4 things that I hear, what 3 things that I smell, what 2 things that I taste and what do I feel. Come into your physical body by doing jumping jacks, tapping, feeling your spine and the like.

Yoga, breath work, walking, massage and other body works that should be done regularly.

Listen to the full interview by Louise Roke of Good Tonic:

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