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Mental Health Red Flags

According to Mental Health experts, 2023 will be a lot crazier.

We will continue to see more loss of motivation, burnout, depression, anxiety and even suicides.

Sadly, this is just the beginning

And it can affect you, your family, friends or loved ones.

Find out what phenomena is driving this and why it's happening.

What can you do to prevent it?

Mental health is not something that afflicts a particular group or profile.

Nor is it a funny matter.

It's always good to stay prepared...

In our previous article, we defined and shared more How Can We Improve Mental Health At The Workplace?

Here's my summary of notes:


  1. Earning a living is much more difficult

  2. Recession

  3. Jobs are becoming more complex

  4. Health Issues are increasing

  5. Social Media can be Toxic

  6. Everyone has something to say

What to look out for?

  1. Crisis - abnormal behavior (anxious, fidgeting, etc)

  2. Struggling - e.g. I don’t know if I can still hold on to this or handle this (articulated), throwing things, etc.

  3. Confusion/Frustration - example confusion on government system or support available

Red flags

  1. Changes in mood or behavior

  2. Difficulty functioning

  3. Changes in sleep patterns

  4. Changes in appetite or weight

  5. Difficulty concentrating

  6. Thoughts of self-harm or suicide

  7. Substance abuse

Watch the video and conversations on this matter.

Find out more how we can help your Leaders and organization through training, coaching and consulting. Order our Mental Health First Aid Online Training and for more specific requirements schedule a free 30 minute call now!


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