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How to Resolve Conflict between Team Members as a Leader

“Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional" Max Lucado

Have you ever encountered having trouble with your teammates where they have conflict with each other? How did you handle it? Were you able to come up with a solution for them to resolve each other’s problems?

As a leader, we have to be aware of the different conflicts that happens in the workplace. Some conflicts may be the result of differences in their personality and some conflicts occur when there are differences in opinions while working. Not many people see the conflict in the workplace. As a leader, it is important to know these conflicts for them to function properly.

According to the book “Managing conflict in the modern workplace”, twenty-six percent (26%) of the employees and twenty percent (20%) of the employers said that conflicts really occur in the workplace. When conflicts occur, this usually affects the work and the mental health of the said employees. This really affects the retention, work ethics, and productivity of the employees.

There are different ways to properly address the conflicts in the workplace. Every conflict that occurs in the workplace affects the employees related. Of course, we can properly address these conflicts. Here are things to remember when handling conflicts between employees:

1. Talk to the people with conflict – as leaders, we have to know what happened. We need to know what causes the conflict. This will help us better understand both sides of those who are related to the conflict.

2. Understand each side – of course we need to understand both sides of the group. We need to understand that as a leader, we cannot favor any of the groups. We have to keep an open mind and make sure that we really understand both sides.

3. Investigate the situation – in order for us to better understand both sides, we have to make sure that we gather information properly. When we know what happened to both sides, we’ll know how to properly assess the situation and give a solution for both sides.

4. Create an agreement with the best solution – after knowing the situation, we can give a proper solution for both sides. Remember not to favor anyone and think of the best for all of the employees within the organization.

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