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5 Things We Can Do To Practice Customer Centricity

What is customer centricity? Do we unconsciously practice customer centricity? How does it affect our business?

First, we must define what customer centricity is. When you hear customer centricity, it comes to mind that this tells us we should think of the customers. This tells us that being a customer centric business would make us think of the customer first. All our decisions would be based on how we will make our customer or clients be satisfied and loyal to the business.

Did you know that even when different companies offer the same products and services, 55% of the customers are willing to pay more for a good customer experience. People tend to choose the companies that listen to what they want and need. Besides that, according to the Harvard Business review, the companies that increase customer retention by just 5% has an increase of profit by 25% to 95%. By giving excellent customer experience, they retain customers and gain their loyalty. However, is it really that simple to give an excellent customer experience?

There are a lot of ways to give good customer experience. A lot of people have different wants and needs. Companies, businesses, and organizations offer different approaches when it comes to customer experience. What would help our business to further the experience we give to our customers?

Here are 5 things we can do to practice customer centricity and give excellent customer experience:

Employee Culture – by giving employees a better environment, they would also give back to our customers. Same as doing the innerwork within us, maintaining a good culture within the organization will impact our external side of the business. It all starts within, in fact we include this in The Power of a Future-Ready Organization

Add value to your customers – by adding value to our customers, the return rate would be

higher. All of us would want to feel valued. If our customers get the proper treatment, they will

have an emotional feeling to the business and would come back. Businesses are after all created to add value.

Practice Empathy – if we practice empathy, our customers will feel that we care about them.

Always remember that when we put ourselves in our customer’s shoes, we’ll also feel what they feel. There may be some other factor that made our customer feel that way, which is why we’d have to show compassion and practice empathy.

Proactive Service – when we face our clients, we should always be proactive with our service.

Remember to always give an extra mile with the clients. Knowing that we proactively give

service to them means that they would feel welcome. Other than that, they’d feel that we give

them the best of what we can. Part of what we do is our constant research and conversations to ensure that we don't only customized programs but also contextualize it to be as relevant and useful as possible.

Customer Feedback – remember that knowing what your customers feel is important is key in working together. We can further improve what we give to them when we know their feedback. Getting feedback also means knowing what we can do better. Not all feedback is good, we may learn from the mistakes that the company/employee may have done.

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