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How NOT to Coach?

"What got You Here, Won't get you There" - Marshall Goldsmith Also the title of his best-selling book, this quote is a great example of the need for continuous development in ourselves and others. If we wish to have more happiness in our Life & Work, if we'd like to develop great teamwork & communication, and also increase our salaries and bonuses, we must be open & willing to investing our time & energy into our own development. This is how we can achieve those new goals, and get us There. And as a Leader, it is also equally important, if not more so, to continually develop our teams, by supporting their growth & empowering them to solve their own problems. We all know that Coaching is becoming the most popular process to accelerate the development of our teams. It's also important to be aware that there are ways NOT to Coach. Here are a few tips on how to avoid those pitfalls; Pitfall#1 - Telling People what to do - This is Coaching No-No number one. As soon as you are telling people what to do, you are delegating, instructing or're not coaching. There is a time & a place to tell people what to do, and a Coaching conversation is not one of those times. During coaching, you ask questions that allow your client/staff to find their own solutions....this is how they feel empowered. Pitfall#2 - Imposing Your Beliefs or Values - During a passionate Coaching conversation, it can be easy to get carried away in the moment, and begin to impose your beliefs or values onto your client. Different cultures, upbringings & religious view-points makes this dangerous territory. If you challenge a belief or value of your client, the result may be massive resistance, and therefore, an unsuccessful coaching session. During the session, you want to be a blank piece of paper, free from judgement. Pitfall#3 - Low Energy - As a Coach or Leader, your energy influences the world around you. If you come into your work environment or a coaching conversation with low energy (angry, tired, frustrated), that will directly affect your client/staff, and therefore, the results of the session. Always ensure you have a high energy (peak state, happy, resourceful, results-focused), so that you can help your client easily & effortlessly achieve their results. Pitfall#4 - Distractions - Choose your Coaching conversation time & location wisely. If you find yourself being distracted, you will fail to get the best results for your staff or client. So make sure your phone's on silent, located somewhere that noise and interruptions are minimal, and that you can be fully aware & 'present'. The good news is that we can help you overcome these pitfalls.

About the author

Luke Salway

International Facilitator & Master Coach

Motivational Speaker, NLP Master Coach and Leadership Development Facilitator, Luke is passionate about helping companies and individuals unleash their full potential, to achieve Success & Happiness.

Having studied and taught various forms of Personal Development for over 20 years, in Australia, USA & throughout Asia, and having Asia as his base for living & working the last 15 years, Luke has the necessary experience and tools to help companies working in Asia reach new levels of success.

A career in Manufacturing for 10 years enables Luke to develop keen problem solving skills and processes for improving efficiencies at many levels. He followed this with hotel management for a further 10 years, giving Luke an intense personal interest in the art of communication, maximizing individuals potentials, and bringing teams together to form effective Leadership competencies. As a General Manager of a 5 star boutique resort, Luke’s inter-personal skills, communication mastery, and proven Leadership, give a solid foundation to help individuals and companies overcome challenges, and support them in achieving their goals.

Luke’s passion is helping companies achieve Strategic Alignment, Leadership Development & Sales Skills. A warm personality, deep understanding of human nature and the technical resources of NLP, Luke is the perfect choice for supporting your teams growth and development.

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