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Employees Knowing Their Worth

As humans, we tend to question our worth and limit ourselves. Understanding your worth can greatly improve your quality of life, as well as help you succeed in your position and advance on your career path. It is highly valuable to understand your self-worth at work regardless of your field or level in your organization.

What do you mean by our Worth?

From a professional context, your worth is an accumulation of your experience, expertise, skills and potential. However, we tend to limit our worth to what is captured in our resume but we're worth so much more than that. Your network for example contributes to your overall professional worth. Every core skill and your level of mastery has value to it.

Why do most Professionals underestimate their worth?

Many of us are conditioned to be modest, humble and that could be an inherent reason for everyone, where we feel like we're bragging. Another factor is imposter syndrome, we're afraid to claim too much of ourselves because we're afraid that we may not be able to deliver. Here's the main point, many professionals underestimate because they never actually took stock of their worth.

What makes knowing your worth so important?

If you have clarity in your expertise, experience, skills, and potential which brings you confidence

  • You are more courageous and ready to take on new and exciting challenges

  • You will perform better in interviews whether internally or externally

  • You can get your worth when it comes to remuneration

How does knowing your worth support the growth of your department or organization?

When you know your worth you're not only able to share it but also able to demonstrate it. Management team will quickly notice your value. You will be able to request involvement in more challenging projects and you will be invited to lead more challenging projects because the value you can potentially create is much higher than your salary.

Invest in supporting your employees to discover, communicate and demonstrate their worth. The first step is supporting them in assessing their worth. And that's what we will be presenting at the Masterclass.

Employee engagement is a 2-way street. Loyalty cannot be bought but trust, appreciation, and offering opportunities can certainly contribute to loyalty. The question for employers that they should ask more is would you prefer to invest in your Star-Employees or watch them walk away.

In this masterclass, Allisha Ali will share what are problems brought about by losing your critical employees. Sometimes, your expensive off-the-shelf strategies to engage and retain your employees are not totally effective. The cost and time investment of hiring, onboarding and training is costing you more than you think.

If you are a CHRO, CEO, CFO or a Leader who is concerned about losing your best talent and you feel that losing your strong bench of star-employees carries more than financial costs. Join us on a masterclass on 23 June, Wednesday at 4PM at


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