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For Business Leaders

Career Coaching

"Star-Employee Retention Strategies Designed For SMART & CARING EMPLOYERS"

When: 23 June 2021 (Wednesday), 4PM SGT

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This Training is Perfect For...


Business Owners, C-Levels & Senior Leaders

This masterclass will be valuable to business leaders who are concerned about losing their best talent, not aware who sits on their strong bench and finds ROI on engagement and retention is not evident. The full program will help them create proactive solutions to retain your critical employees required for success by keeping them engaged and creating career and development plans aligned with organizational goals, strategy, values, opportunities and budget.

Includes: CEO, CFO, CHRO, Business Owners, Directors, Division Heads and Senior Managers


Do you feel that losing your strong bench of star-employees carries more than financial costs?

Do you agree that keeping your star-employees means having their knowledge, expertise, skills and network to stay in the organization?

Do you need to keep high performing employees to ensure productivity and team dynamics?

In this masterclass, Allisha Ali will share what are problems brought about by losing your critical employees. Sometimes, your expensive off-the-shelf strategies to engage and retain your employees are not effective. The cost and time investment of hiring, onboarding and training is costing you more than you think.

Allisha will share proactive solutions to retain critical employees required for success.

Young Businesswomen

Discover a new strategy to sustain strong engagement and retention

Business Brainstorming

Identify your critical star-employees who are at high risk of leaving

Colleagues Working Together

Engage your strong bench by investing in their personal & professional development

Business Meeting

Discover how to support them in finding challenging opportunities within the organisation

Why Attend This Masterclass Session?

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Allisha Ali is the Founder and Principal Coach at UniqueYou Careers with the mission to support professionals to define and achieve their career aspirations enabling them to lead a more fulfilling life. She also provides Career Coaching Services to Job Seekers.

Allisha is unique having fulfilled an academic career, a corporate career, Freelancer, and now entrepreneur! Holding a PhD in Chemistry, Allisha enjoyed a successful scientific corporate career in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Later, as a Senior Partner to the Chief Executive Office in a Fortune 500 company, she successfully led more than 20 team transformations while gaining intense training & coaching from McKinsey. Allisha excelled at setting strategy, change management, and operational excellence, and as an internal certified Coach.

Today, Allisha is an accredited ICF ACC Coach. She combines her expertise, experience, skills and a life-time of learning to coach and mentor a global clientele to proactively and holistically manage their careers supporting them to Be more | Lead more | Live more.

Affy D., NGO Program Leader

“I was not familiar with the term self-discovery coaching. I just trusted Allisha to guide me through my own working experience using her relevant questioning, which helped me map and identify skills and push forward my priorities and preferences. She's gifted with outstanding listening and analysis skills and excelled in turning my working experience and values into my professional profile, skills and competencies.  With her remarkable writing and editing skills, Allisha has also been instrumental in revamping my resume. She was always available to answer all of my questions, and even went the extra mile advising me on my career plan. Allisha helped me to gain clarity on my next professional step and confirm the adequacy between my working experience and my professional expectations (seniority and responsibilities of the positions I have been applying for). I am delighted with our collaboration, will use her services again, and recommend her without any hesitation”

Katrien, Certified Translator

“My coaching sessions with Allisha were always an eye-opener in one way or another. Her powerful questioning offered different perspectives and led to meaningful and profound insights in myself that allowed me to overcome my obstacles and limiting beliefs, and that I keep in mind to this day”

Briana A.S.,International Performer & Entrepreneur

“Working with Allisha as a career coach has been such an amazing experience. Her honesty and professionalism has truly contributed to such positive growth in my personal and professional development. Many moments I felt I was being supported by a friend and that helped me to open up and truly receive the help I needed. I highly recommend working with Allisha.”


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