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Confidence and Charisma, are they the same?

Are you worried because of your inability to lead with resilient self-confidence?


Do you find it stressful to grow your sales especially in difficult times?

Have you been losing investments for not being able to keep your high performing teams?

Is your happiness dependent on people’s likes and positive comments online or offline?

Are you judgment-proof and resilient enough to thrive amidst the waves of criticism?

There are 2 major crises that hit us really hard this season. Number one (1) is that the unemployment rate hit high globally. For example in the US, about 10 million people are unemployed. What are the results of unemployment? One thing that hits most of us is the mental health that often we lose who we are, the identity clarity.

For many entrepreneurs and leaders who lost their jobs, often most of us attach our identity on our job, our roles and the money that we make. How about the person, who we are when we are with family or communities?

Why is charisma important in today's difficult situation due to COVID-19? Simply because if you can't be happy with who you are as an individual, you can't live out to the fullest and impact the people around you. We can't always serve to the best of our ability.

How do we discover and utilize charisma to excel with high performance in workplace and family life? Often, we think what we do determines who we are. Doing something to prove who we are is a flawed concept, because we can be meeting unexpected accidents in the world or like COVID-19 hit us really hard and it affects what we do. You want these events to affect who you are or rather do you want to be the person who you are content with, to mean what you do while influencing others to follow you and live to the best of your ability.

Confidence can be nurtured and trained but not similar to charisma. Charisma is a gift from within that you have but you need to develop it. If you don't, your gift will be lost and will not be utilized to the fullest. In conclusion, behaviorism is short term but if you want to look at long term sustainable confidence which is the fruit. We need to look at the discovery from within inside out transformation

In our upcoming masterclass, Jeremiah will share the key to resilient confidence that lies in your choice to truly accept yourself and leverage your strengths and weaknesses. The power of Charisma, when fully tapped upon, is able to overpower any identity crisis and enable anyone to serve others to his or her best ability.

Join us on 21 July, Wednesday at 10AM at


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