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Building Leadership – Empowering Colleagues

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” – Jimmy Dean

People often think of leadership as a talent, but in reality, it’s a skill. Leadership isn’t always stagnant. Leadership is something that we can grow and develop. Having the right technique and knowledge to properly improve our leadership is a must. The question is: How do people build their leadership? What should leaders keep In mind so that they can build their leadership towards their colleagues?

One of the skills we would need to build our leadership is by empowering our colleagues. According to a study from Forbes, among 7,000 employees, employees who felt a low level of empowerment were rated with engagement at the 24th percentile, whereas those with a high level of empowerment were at the 79th percentile. This shows how important empowerment of colleagues in the workplace is. Empowering our colleagues mean that they would further trust our leadership. They would feel a sense of security and belongingness when they feel that we listen to them. Empowering our colleagues means that we also empower ourselves as leaders.

There are lots of ways for you to empower your colleagues. Always remember that when you learn how to empower your colleagues, you also build your leadership. Here are ways on how you can empower your colleagues:

1. Listen to their voice – Always know that when we listen to our colleagues it will help build our leadership. Our colleagues feel important and as we listen, we also get inputs that could help us with our work. As we listen to what our colleague says, of course we would be taking action on what we have discussed. The way they see us would change and it would be for the better.

2. Appreciate what they do – Often times, when employees do their jobs, they don’t get the recognition they deserve. For how big or small they achieve, always appreciate what they have accomplished. If employees feel that what they do is important, this will heighten their morale. Building leadership happens when they feel that they are appreciated and they would think of you as someone who values them.

3. Give support in all situations – As a leader, giving them support in all situations means that you would be giving them resources or raising their morale. Building your leadership means building your employees as well. As we become leaders, it is also necessary to build up our team so that we can grow more future leaders. Our team would also feel confident in what they do because they believe in us as leaders. Having their back is something that our team would appreciate.

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