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5 Tips To Reinvent Your Mindset And Win Your Team

What Is a Mindset?

Your mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself. It influences how you think, feel, behave and act in any given situation. Mindset is derived from a combination of factors – your background, culture, education, upbringing, experiences, religious beliefs – everything that has gone into creating the way you view life is part of your mindset.

Recently, I have been curiously understanding myself in a spiritual way exploring how our DNA, date, place and time of birth affects how we put meaning to things around us that in turn influence our mindset and how we live our purpose in this world.

Our mindset is a great way to discriminate against successful people and the good news is, there are ways to have the right mindset and better yet self-mastery.

Why is mindset so important?

In a previous article we have shared the benefits of having the right mindset if you are able to implement this as a leader in your organization

It is important for leaders to have good self-awareness of their own mindsets and blind spots because it has a significant impact on how they relate to others and to situations, and in turn how they are perceived by others. Leaders have a larger circle of influence and their actions (driven by their mindsets) have a greater impact on other people and the organization. Therefore, it’s absolutely critical for leaders at all levels to have a good degree of awareness of their own mindsets and the impact of it on others.

In the context of organizational change, understanding the mindsets of team members and employees, and working to help them shift their mindsets is the most effective approach to successful and sustainable change. Read more from an article by Chris Chew on this.

How can you improve your mindset?

  1. Understanding yourself through self-awareness - Some of the ways I do this is by observing and asking myself- how do I feel about things that happen to me, how do I respond to people or situations and what are the thoughts that come up. Other things that I do is that I take personal assessment tools and do interviews with friends, clients and family members whom I get to work with

  2. Self-trust, self-esteem and self-leadership will be key - once you understand and trust yourself, it will be easier to know what's your capabilities and purpose that will help you create the right path towards your goals. Believing in yourself and having the discipline to stay positive and follow through on acting on your inspirations.

  3. Staying focused on your goal and in the present moment. Sometimes we just have to be patient enough to keep moving forward or even wait and watch for the right things to come.

  4. Having the courage to face the fears when it shows up along the way. Being able to commit to your vision , purpose and keeping the drive to accomplish more even when you need to face adversity.

  5. Continuous learning is key to being able to adapt. Even if it means that you are learning from failures or mistakes. You have to be willing to learn, unlearn and radically change your life

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