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Do you want to know the Key to Financial Success of your organization?

For Oil and Gas industry, understanding the basics of the devices that are key to the financial success of your organization is important – not just from the perspective of financial success, but also to ensure good relations with your suppliers and customers.

Flow Measurement is a process on how to quantify bulk liquid or gas through different devices and techniques. Its accuracy is necessary for identifying the worth of your raw materials and finished products, ensure efficiency and effectiveness on your processes, adhere to the industry’s standards and government policies and increase the profit through credibility to suppliers and customers.

On the other hand, Custody Transfer is the change of possession or ownership of raw materials and finished goods from one party to another. It involves the transportation of the chemicals including the physical transfer from one container to another, handling and shipping for the purpose of sale or change of ownership.

There are several points to consider on flow measurement devices and techniques such as:

  • Selecting the device

Choosing the right and appropriate device on the type of chemicals, purpose and processes is crucial in the accuracy of measurements.

  • Planning / setting of the devices

The installation of every device may also affect the efficiency and performance of a given machine. Further, planning the correct facility design increases the effectiveness of the whole process.

  • Good maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance will reduce the uncertainty and avoid unnecessary costs.

  • Understanding the process

Every device or technique differs on its purpose, process and accuracy, thus, it is essential to understand these things in order to fully maximize its use and know the percentage of accuracy.

  • Government Policies and Organization / Industry Standards

There are policies and standards that govern flow measurement and custody transfer to reduce volatility of prices, increase accuracy, avoid emissions / hazards to environment, control the quality of the products and ensure smooth transactions between the market players.

  • Regular and right testing

Although devices have the specifications or diagrams and manuals, initial testing is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of said device and to know how to maintain and operate it correctly.

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