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Stressed with Excel Nightmares?

Tired of carrying out some analysis of the data but you find yourself having to create formulas over and over again?

Having nightmares with mega formulas?

Don’t know about Pivot Tables or that you are so afraid of them that you shy away from using them?

We come like the knight in shining armour and show you how to convert your almost sterile list of data into an Excel Table that is exceptionally rich in features that will save you hours of work and turn up your work one more notch towards the Office Guru status!

I remembered in two of the courses we ran recently with Duncan Williamson, the participants (mostly directors and senior managers) were like children watching a magic show with all the formulas, templates and techniques that he's teaching that will definitely improve productivity.

Find out for yourself with this free eBook on Excel Solutions for Accountants. Available as a bundle course and complete book with practical toolbox approach.

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