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Resilience as Your SuperPower the R@W Way

In Resilient at Work (R@W), being resilient at work means managing the everyday stress of work while staying healthy, rebounding and learning from unexpected setbacks and preparing for future challenges in a proactive way.

Resilient at Work (RAW) Scale measures your personal workplace resilience. It was scientifically researched and developed in 2011 by organizational psychologist Kathryn McEwen and research psychologist, Dr Peter Winwood. The model that underlies the scale has been applied successfully across a very wide range of jobs and professionals at all organizational levels – from front line to executive. Its power is in its simplicity.

As an accreditated R@W coach, I have personally seen how my clients have benefitted from its simple, yet effective formula.

Let's discover what are the 7 components in the R@W assessment.


The first component is living authentically. It means knowing and holding on to your personal values, deploying your strengths, and having a good level of emotional awareness and regulation.


The second component is about finding your calling. What is the purpose of your work? Does it give you a sense of belonging? Is your work aligned with your core values and beliefs?


The third component places emphasis on maintaining perspective. It means staying optimistic and keeping a solution focused mindset when things go wrong. Are you able to reframe setbacks and minimise the impact of any negativity around you?


The fourth component is about managing stress. What kind of work and life routines do you have to manage your everyday stressors? Do you have work-life balance and make sure that you have time for relaxation and recovery too?


The fifth component examines how you are interacting with others in the workplace. Are you seeking feedback, advice and support while also providing ready support to others?


The sixth component focuses on physical health. Do you have an adequate fitness level, maintain a healthy diet and ensure that you get adequate sleep?


The seventh component is about building networks. That means developing and maintaining personal and professional support networks you need at home and at work in order to perform well in your job.


When you are able to examine where you are on the different components, you will have an important overview perspective of how you are doing in terms of resilience.

If you are consciously of what existing success strategies you are already using and what you can do to increase your resilience level by working on the components that are currently on the low range, you have a simple but effective formula to showing up in life and at work as your strongest self.

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Joy Leng

As verified by scientific strengths assessments, Joy’s top three REALIZED STRENGTHS of mission, drive and growth shines through in her work as a STRENGTHS AND POSITIVE LEADERSHIP STRATEGIST.

She is a Resilience at Work Coach, Accredited Strengths Profile by CAPP, EI Accredited by Genos, Certified Warrior Goddess Facilitator, TTT Certified by HRDF, ICF Life Coach, DISC Trainer, Choice Theory & Reality Therapy and more

Joy made impact on self-discovery, maximizing strength and journey of unleashing potentials of leaders, coaches, business owners and individuals globally


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