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Free 90 Minutes Online Event 

For Women in Leadership and Business

Are You Affected By The Changes Brought By The Pandemic?

Discover Techniques on How to Thrive within the COVID-19 Crisis 

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This Event is Perfect For...

Business Women Planning

Leaders & Business Owners

Who want to build resilience to be stronger despite the ongoing pandemic and for those who want to know the way to do business in the new normal.

Includes: CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CHRO, Executive Directors, Directors, Department Heads, Senior Managers, VP, AVP, Owners, Managing Director, President and Founders

Group Discussion

For managers who want to impart valuable knowledge to their teams to increase agility and individuals who are unsure in this uncertain times and want to have specific strategies to increase sense of control.

Includes: Managers, Supervisors, Leads, Coaches, Trainers, Freelancers, Consultants, Advisors and other individuals who would like to invest in themselves.

Managers & Individuals

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Mathy Randhawa

Mathy brings with her more than 18 years of working experience in training and consultancy.

She is an expert in HR related trainings especially in Employment Act 1955, Disciplinary & Termination Process. She is passionate in Learning & development focusing on areas of Communication, Culture and Change.

Mathy is an accredited Genos Emotional Intelligence Trainer. She has worked with PETRONAS, Standard Chartered, Samsung, BASF, Petrovietnam, & Edra Energy to name a few


Joy Leng

As verified by scientific strengths assessments, Joy’s top three REALIZED STRENGTHS of mission, drive and growth shines through in her work as a STRENGTHS AND POSITIVE LEADERSHIP STRATEGIST.

She is a Resilience at Work Coach, Accredited Strengths Profile by CAPP, EI Accredited by Genos, Certified Warrior Goddess Facilitator, TTT Certified by HRDF, ICF Life Coach, DISC Trainer, Choice Theory & Reality Therapy and more

Joy made impact on self-discovery, maximizing strength and journey of unleashing potentials of leaders, coaches, business owners and individuals globally


Laura Kuimba Yu

Elevated into organisation-wide leadership roles at an early age ranging from enterprise, NGO's and movements, Laura has been unveiled as a prodigy in motivating people to greater heights, accomplishing goals from both a corporate and personal perspective.

Building a multi-national million dollar company in the tech sector servicing clients like McDonalds, Fujitsu and Groupon, Zurich Insurance and other billion-dollar organizations by the age of 30. Laura is passionate about the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship and mental wellbeing, speaking at prestigious conferences around the world.

Laura was 1 of 50 entrepreneurs around the world selected from 1012 entries for the prestigious Sovereign Academy 2019 in Lithuania, Europe.

Here's What You'll Learn from Our Powerful Speakers on this 90 Minutes (FREE):


Developing Skills to Inspire, Engage & Deliver


Emotional intelligence, also called EQ, is the ability to be aware of and to manage emotions and relationships. It is a pivotal factor in personal and professional success. How we could manage our own emotions to accurately perceive, access and generate emotions in order to assist thought, to understand emotions and emotional knowledge, and to reflectively regulate emotions in order to promote emotional and intellectual growth. Real life sharing session!!!

Resilience as Your Superpower

Increase Resilience for Greater Performance & Wellbeing

Use the science of resilience and leverage on what positive psychology research teaches about resilience so that you can take the most effective path to your most resilient self, ever, whilst increasing your agility and enhancing your anti-fragile traits.

3 Mega Trends Empowering Women in Business Today

Women Leaders of Influence & Greater Heights

Over the last few months during the Covid-19, the landscape of work and business has drastically changed. In the midst of this crisis, opportunities and trends have emerged that women can leverage to get better results in life and work. This is designed to equip women with the skills, knowledge and abilities to become aware of the influence they can have and to seize critical opportunities. 

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