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I Love My Job

We have been interviewing leaders from around the globe and one of the top problems they face is hiring and keeping the right talents engaged.

Is it possible to help your team members to grow their love for their job and stay?

From when I started my career, I have always been passionate about what I do, no matter what it is and yet the longest I stayed in a company is only three years and four months. I believe that most who work on people related job (HR, hospitality industry, etc.) and education based (teacher, trainers, coaches, consultants & mentors) are some of the most passionate when it comes to their job.

I remembered as a hotelier, where there are times that I don't get to eat or almost cover all shifts in a day just so I can ensure that I finished my task on time and everything is in order for my clients.

In a conversation with our Career Coach expert, Allisha Ali who used to be a corporate leader in a top Pharmaceutical Industry, she shared why people love their job.

What makes someone authentically love their job?

When your job is linked with your Ikigai which means a reason for being, a Japanese concept of finding your purpose in life.

As shared by Allisha, this is when you do what you love, what you are good at, providing what the needs of the world and get to be paid for it as per the photo on the left.

Being able to integrate passion, mission, profession and vocation makes it more sustainable for us.

What is the role of Passion and Values versus Skills and Expertise?

The better you are with something, the more results you get, the more recognitions and rewards you get.

Passion and skills might be there but if you don't get feedback and recognition then the cycle breaks. If we want our star employees to stay then we have to ensure that loop between the passion and values is bridged with skills and expertise.

When we are in a career we love, we look forward to waking up in the morning and would be happy to welcoming Mondays instead of looking forward to Fridays.

Can we grow to love our jobs? How?

Fundamentally when engaging a career coach, you can have self discovery and If we gain clarity about our self which includes our values, beliefs, personality and the way you interact with others. Then we understand better how we act and impact others.

Gaining confidence, knowing what you are worth and being proud of it. These are tangible skills like certificates, degree, experience and yet there are times that soft skills are missed out. The value of having a career coach is to be able to strengthen how you can highlight your capabilities and be able to get important feedback & recognition from your organization.

Last but not the least is alignment of your values with the company's values and mission. When you know your self, your skills and strengths then it will be easier to align yourself with a job that you love which definitely create an impact in the community.

Join us with Allisha to know Star-Employee Retention Strategies Designed For SMART & CARING EMPLOYERS on 23 June, 2021, Wednesday at 4PM. Register at

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