How Can You Level Up As An HR Leader in 5 Ways?

There has never been a better time to increase your skills and make your next career move. Whether you want to become more visible in your organization, secure a promotion or gain leadership experience, there are many proactive ways you can advance your HR career.

In a recent talk I did with the invitation of the Founder and President of the Philippines HR Group, Inc. on The HR Cafe Episode 107, I shared 5 ways on how you can level up in your career.

1. Adaptability essentially means the ability to be flexible and adapt to changing conditions, factors or environments. Being adaptable means being open and willing to learn new skills as well as adjust to changes at work.

Why is adaptability important?

Adaptability can be important when developing strategies, working on projects and implementing different approaches to achieving goals. It can also help and show you:

  • Overcome unexpected obstacles and difficulties

  • Ability to be resourceful and analytical

  • Be more content and satisfied with your job

  • Be a more valuable team member and employee

  • Be a better leader

How to enhance your adaptability?

  • Awareness - self-awareness and awareness of your environment (information)

  • Cultivate growth mindset and attitude (personal & professional development)

  • Setting objectives for yourself (goals, intentions, aspirations and understanding what you can or can’t control)