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Charisma Coaching is a Self-Empowerment Discovery and Transformational Journey

In our last two blogs, we have shared what Charisma is, what Charisma coaching is and why it is important. We have also shared a video of Jeremiah Teo sharing the difference of Confidence with Charisma.

We all know that as a leader being able to influence others will be key to success. Charisma is a result of excellent communications and interpersonal skills. Researchers at the University of Toronto carried out a large-scale study into charisma, involving over 1,000 people.They found that charisma consists of a mixture of what they called ‘affability’ and ‘influence’. Influence was defined as leadership ability and strength of ‘presence’ while Affability was defined as being approachable and pleasant.

What are the qualities of a charismatic person?

  1. Self-confident - you need to exude confidence, like yourself, be optimistic and enthusiastic. That also includes being comfortable in your own skin and being consistent about it.

  2. Great storyteller - Facts tell, stories sell. Well told stories are persuasive conversations at their most emphatic and relatable. A good story doesn’t need a hard sell because its power speaks for itself. Incorporating humor, staying relevant and being able to share your own experiences helps. As Muriel Rukeyser says - "The universe is made of stories, not of atoms"

  3. Open and approachable - Your body speaks, you have to stay gracious and graceful. Being able to smile and make eye contact is one of the simplest and easiest ways to connect.

  4. Curious or is Interested in others - be curious about everyone, make other people know that you would like to find out more about them and what they do. Make others feel comfortable with you, remember that it's not all about you and people likes to talk about themselves

  5. Good listener - know people by name, pay attention, engage and be empathetic. Make sure that you listen with interest. A great leader is a good listener.

What journey will you go through with Jeremiah in a Charisma Coaching?

  • CLARITY – Discovering Who You are Called to Be and Who You Want to Be

  • HABITS – Identify and Carry out Small and Winnable Daily Actions in Building Personal Identity Goals

  • ACCOUNTABILITY – Creating Your Inner Circle of People Who Are Already the Person Whom You Want to Be

  • REVIEW – Refine and Fine-tune Identity and Habit Goals across Seasons

  • IMPLEMENTATION – Taking Ownership of Your Time and Energy through Effective Charisma Strategies

  • SUPERPOWERS’ DISCOVERY – Leverage on Personal Strengths and Excel in Today’s Virtual, Social World

  • MASTERY OF CHARISMA – Know and Own Your Charisma

  • AFFIRMATION – Establish Your Charisma Foundations and Serve Others

5 Areas that can be transformed with Charisma Coaching:

1) Public Speaking Confidence🎙

2) Sales Resilience

3) High Performance in Workplaces

4) Emotional Intelligence

5) Leadership Growth

In our upcoming masterclass, Jeremiah will share the key to resilient confidence that lies in your choice to truly accept yourself and leverage your strengths and weaknesses. The power of Charisma, when fully tapped upon, is able to overpower any identity crisis and enable anyone to serve others to his or her best ability.

Join us on 21 July, Wednesday at 10AM at


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