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EVERYTHING changed once I learnt this one simple fact

​What is it that successful people know that you don't? Ever wondered that?

I did! For many years. People seemingly no smarter were getting much further ahead and succeeding at a much faster rate in their careers. What did it come down to? Luck? Some secret piece of knowledge?

I share with WomenLines what I learnt that answered this for me and changed everything!

It's not about your IQ, it's about knowing all the good things about you and having the right mindset to move boldly forward!

I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

About the author

ANJI HALLEWELL is a Self-Mastery & Performance Expert, who over the last 15+ years, has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Mediacom, FOX, RBS & QBE Insurance in a variety of talent development roles. After spending years mastering the impact of behaviour on human potential, and personally experiencing some of the high-pressure challenges facing today’s aspiring leaders, Anji discovered that self-mastery was the key to achieving natural success. She has taught 100s of professionals proven mindset tools for them to rise above the negative workings of the ego and perform at their best.

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