Will you use KODAK film to take your daily pictures today?

Do you like average results or above average results?

If you like to have above average results then read on and ask yourself these questions.

• Do you feel that your current employee training in sales or leadership development is not having significant effect on your sales or the business?

• Did it motivate them to sell more or do more? Perhaps for a day or two then back to normal?

• Did you feel frustrated because you spent so much on training and it had minimum impact? All that money spent for nothing!

30 Year Realization

After 30 years managing large FMCG sales & distribution, the last, 7000 people sales organization covering 500,000 outlets and 240 branch networks in Indonesia, and 7 other Asean countries, I have found that the standard sales and leadership training had minimal impact on sales.

Did you realize these old sales training was developed when Nokia phone was #1 and Kodak was our way of taking pictures? Will you use Kodak film to take your daily pictures today?

That is why I found NLP. (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

NLP contributed as we doubled our business in Indonesia from USD 500 million to USD 1 billion in 3.5 years.

I gave training to 150 agents of a Top Insurance Company last year and in Feb 2018, 80% of them got Million Dollar Round Table Award or having a minimum commission of USD 50k.

Did you think that lack of selling skills was the reason for average sales results?

Do you think poor leadership is because of lack of training?

You gave them training and yet ... why did most of them give average results and only a few shone?

Why is it only some became better leaders after all the training?


Average sales or leadership performance is not really because of knowledge, a lack of selling skills training or leadership development.

The main reason for average performers is because of their S.H.I.T. (Secret History Influencing Temperaments/Traumas/Tempers/Traits).

The mindset & beliefs, heart and spirit will dictate results, not constant training on knowledge, skills or capabilities.

Do your sales people or leaders procrastinate? Do they lack drive and gusto?

Do they have fears of going out their comfort zones, going for higher targets and new markets? Fears of public speaking? Fears of expressing their opinions? Fear of Authority? Fear of leading? Lack confidence?

Do you see some of them bitter, having temper issues, moody and overly sensitive to criticism?

Do you feel their frustrations, hear their constant excuses, complains and disappointments?

Then you see them overwhelmed easily by challenges that come in the business and easily demotivated by failure?

Do you experience some to be over controlling, not trusting their people, doing everything and not wanting to delegate?

Do you see them doing unhealthy practices, over eating, lack exercise, get drunk, smoke or eat ‘forbidden- foods’ despite doctor’s advice? And they do all these things even if the consciously knew it will kill them.

These are all S.H.I.T.

If you want great sales and great leaders, they have to overcome their S.H.I.T. and convert it to fertilizer.

That is the only way to go to the next level of above-average performance for anyone.

I have used NLP to convert their S.H.I.T. into fertilizer so they grow faster instead. NLP is the latest technology in how access our subconscious mind to get rid or convert S.H.I.T.

I call it the Leapfrog Your Business and Yourself. This is also NLP Basic Practitioner’s Certification course for entrepreneurs and sales teams. It is designed to get rid or convert your team’s individual S.H.I.T.

And, NLP also has breakthrough selling and leadership techniques that complement their current selling and management skills.

Why breakthrough?

1. Did you know you can remove your bad habit or sabotaging behaviour like procrastination, fears, hurts, guilt, unforgiveness, over-controlling in minutes not months or years? What if you got rid of your S.H.I.T.? Do you know how to do this? 2. Did you know that Tony Robbins trained sharp shooters in 1 week what normally takes 24 weeks by using NLP-modelling? What if your front liners and leaders can learn 24x faster using NLP? Do you know how? 3. Do you like self-motivated frontlines and leaders? Do you know how to keep them on-fire to WOW customers even without incentives? 4. Did you know you can connect with total strangers in 3 minutes and they will feel like close friends with you? Do your frontline know how? 5. Did you know if you speak your customer’s language, you triple your chance the customer will choose you? Can you make your customer like your proposal more with a hand gesture? Do your frontline know how? 6. Did you know you can remove a lazy day in 3 seconds? Did you know learning NLP is simple and you get amazing results on the same day? 7. Did you know you can remove an addiction for sweets, meat, smoking, drinking and other forbidden foods in the same day? Did you know you can create an intense desire to eat vegetables, drink more water, exercise or meditate and pray in 15 minutes and not months or years? If you did not know the answers to these questions, now you know why old standard training are less effective. It was developed during the time when Nokia and Kodak were #1. The new needed technology is NLP using your sub-conscious mind to learn, but many don’t know. You need to use NLP in all training.

What if you did not learn this new technology but your competitors learned first?

Do you want them ahead?

Do you want to be left behind in an old technology?

Do you want to keep your old Nokia or upgrade to an android?

Or worst, do you want to end-up like Kodak? Where is Kodak now?

I’m Stuck Inside a Box

George (not his real name) said that when he attended NLP training. I am afraid to expand my business both domestic and overseas.

Please help get rid of the S.H.I.T.

After a simple 5 step process ... Things changed dramatically for George.

This is what George shared:

• A month later. “Jojo, I won a seven-figure deal versus 10 competitors.”

• A year later. “Jojo, did you know my business expanded 4x and we are in several cities now and partnered with major Universities.

• 2 year later. “Jojo, now we have several international partners from Germany, Korea, France and many more countries. We are expanding rapidly!” Our business has grown more than 10x

He also uses NLP in his business. He used NLP principles for teaching and now his students are learning 3x faster any language than others. What normally takes others 2-years to learn, his students does in 6 months.

How to Make Sales Soar – Model the Best

Let me share one principle of NLP that you can use. It is the principle of MODELLING.

I was reading a book of Anthony Robbins, Unlimited Power and he shared how he was able to teach sharp shooters in a week what normally took 6 months. I said, wow! In 7 days the shooters performed like someone who trained for 6 months. THAT IS 24X FASTER. I LIKE THAT.


“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.”

I realized I had star sellers in our team. Remarkable salesmen who had consistent sales growth and achieved targets and some even close seven figure sales. I called our top 25 from 1,700 salesmen. These were the top sellers and I studied their mindset and strategies.

In copying excellence, it is not enough to understand a strategy of the person. We must also understand his mindset. Think about when you got a recipe for a favorite dish you like. You followed the recipe, measured ingredients, mixed as specified and cooked as per time told and yet after all that, the dish does not taste exactly as the original. Disappointed?

Why is that? Is there a missing ingredient? Yes. The recipe is simply the strategy of how to do. The missing ingredient is the mindset of the chef or what motivates the chef and why he does things.

We must understand both mindset and strategies if we will copy excellence.

I interviewed the top 25 to find their mindset and saw a pattern. You may want to note this down because it is part of the key to make your sales soar. As I ask these questions, you may want to ask yourself personally what will be your answer or how your sales teams will answer. This may be the reason you don’t hit remarkable sales. Read on and learn the mindset of the best of the best sellers.

Mindset of the Best of the Best Sellers

What was most important in selling? SERVICE

Top performers in selling do not sell. They serve the customer and sales is a by-product.

What do you mean by SERVICE?

1. You understand the customer needs

2.You provide value-added products or services to meet those


3. Your customers trust you and see you as credible