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What is Lean Thinking & How this can benefit you?

In-depth Knowledge of Lean Management?

Based on the best known and most influential change management system, the Toyota Production System or lean manufacturing is a comprehensive management approach that engages people in creating systems that enable long-term prosperity. Lean manufacturing is a system that includes not only a proven set of tools for achieving breakthrough performance results but also a set of guiding principles for developing leaders into lean thinkers.

– Primary focus is on meeting customer demand.

– Set and sustain operational standards, improve

them through stronger visualization & impact.

– Make problems visible & solve root causes.

– Empower talent to be creative & innovative w/structure.

– Learn & live the “Go See” behavior (Genchi Genbutsu).

– Consistent & relentless drive to eliminate waste.

– Takt, Flow and then Pull thinking.

– Build in quality in all of your processes.

Solutions in Operational & Transactional Settings

Since we’ve establish long-term strategic relationships with more than 250 organizations in the past 18 years, we are able to provide our clients with an experience right on the “shop floor”. Engaging ideas, systems and practices like no other company can which affords you the maximum exposure of real lean in operations.

Because 60% or more of the real waste in business is in the transactional world, we have leveraged our capabilities with our clients to ensure that serious consideration and value is given to managing the back of the house kind of operations. Experience first-hand how lean solutions are influencing digitalization & office capabilities.

Learning Lean Principles Through Actions

Our diverse set of companies that we visit during the JLIT, helps our participants see the world of lean management & manufacturing as a system of principles in action. Every group is different and therefore, we approach the learning and comprehension to meet their needs differently. Creating simulations that are simple and clear in driving the understanding of these principles & practices is at the core of our purpose. In-depth classroom instruction, discussions & a series of practical exercises helps to confirm that knowledge transfer has been accomplished.

To find out more how you can benefit Lean Thinking through our upcoming Japan Lean Immersion Tour in October. Or contact us if you prefer your own group immersion tours for your leadership team.

About the Trainer/Consultant

DJ Duarte brings to the team more than 30+ years of professional experience in the practical application, facilitation and implementation of living the “Makoto Way” in industries as varied as custom manufacturing(HMLV & LMHV – products ranging from consumer lifestyles, flavors & fragrances, electronics & medical devices), service & hospitality(casino operations, lodging & retail), healthcare(front desk & out-patient care), aerospace(maintenance & internal logistics), logistics(supply chain) and office/transactional environments(finance, human resource, insurance, planning & procurement).

He seeks to use his process knowledge and leadership skills to develop those key organizational strategies that align Continuous Improvement (CI) initiatives (Lean, EFQM, TOC, TWI, Six Sigma, etc.) with the people aspect of the organization (Human Capital Performance systems). Leveraging these key structural elements and theprinciples of Lean into core leadership practices will enable our clients to gain significant returns and sustainable results.

Through the years, DJ has been involved with almost every aspect of lean transformations from strategy & leadership development, problem-solving engagements, flow & cell designs, developing in-house sustainable capabilities, logistics and supply chain management to leading full & focused improvement initiatives. Some of his results included more than $32 million in actual savings; reduction of work in process (WIP) by 65%; production lead times from 42 to 11 days; hiring lead times from 30 days @ $3643 to 18 days @ $1338; inventory turns from 1.6 to 5.3% and NET Profit as a % of sales increased from 2.1 to 7.4%.

Having lived in Japan for more than 30 years and mentored by some of the most influential Toyota practitioners, DJ understands the uniqueness’s and sensitivities of both the Japanese and western societies, assuring each of you that he will undoubtedly provide you with an unforgettable experience on this “Lean Thinking” immersion tour that will remain with you for the rest of your life.

His passion is to teach the “Makoto Way” of doing business in areas yet to experience the power of this methodology, finding enthusiasm and purpose in what he does by helping people find new joy and purpose in their work. He is currently working on a lean manufacturing transformation with a global fragrance & flavors firm, doing Lean Leadership for a global high-tech electronics corporation, developing Lean Capabilities through projects at a Resort & Casino and implementing a full TPS deployment in the robotics industry. Take full advantage of his years of experience when engaging with him and feel free to ask about anything.

He has an AS Degree in Asian Studies, a BS degree in Business Administration and is a 2005 Graduate of the DoD’s Executive Leadership Development Program. Some of his certifications include BPR Practitioner, Lean Six Sigma, Strategic Management, TQM/TWI Facilitator and Leadership Coach/Mentor. D.J. is fluent in English and very conversant in Japanese.

D.J. is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran. He is the father of four children and loves playing golf and other outdoor activities with his family and friends.

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