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5 Tips to Create Strategic Alignment

"A Vision Without a Strategy Remains an Illusion" - Lee Bolman

To have Strategic Alignment means having your FULL team working towards a common Goal. Sounds easy, right? Let's create a little clarity first, as there are two parts to Strategic Alignment.

Number 1 is the actual Strategy...that is, a defined set of actions, of what to do, what not to do, who will do what, and by when, in order to achieve the Goals for the Company.

Number 2 is the Alignment...meaning that the entire team, from the very top, all the way throughout the organisation, is clear and motivated towards achieving those Goals.

So WHY is Strategic Alignment important? What should we care?

Without Strategic Alignment, the organisation will experience challenges & problems such as NOT achieving the company goals, low motivation, low engagement, high turnover, lack of clarity, lack of focus, and eventually, loss of Business.

The good news is there are a few basic tips that you can follow, to ensure Strategic Alignment and the continued Growth & Success of Your Business;

Tip#1 - Start at the Top - If you want Strategic Alignment throughout your Organisation, you MUST start at the top. Whether you're a start-up, an SME or a multi-national conglomerate, if there is lack of alignment in the upper-echelons, it will surely trickle down to ALL areas of the Business. Many companies have Vision, Mission & Core Values, but do we really LIVE them? Do we walk-the-talk? It's essential for ALL senior executive to be on the 'same page' if Strategic Alignment is to exist.

Tip#2 - Work ON the Business - Time is the most precious resource we have, and in today's Busy-ness of Life & Work, we often feel 'stuck' working IN the business. The Leadership Team must regularly find time to work ON the business, which means taking a step out of the day-to-day, to look at the Business from a 'helicopter ' point of view, so that you can make the correct Strategic decisions. As you make the right decisions, alignment massively improves.

Tip#3 - Include Your Teams - As much as possible, include your Leaders & Managers into the Strategic Planning process of the company. This serves two main purposes...first, they will often contribute greater understanding, idea's & solutions, throughout the brainstorming sessions. Secondly, it creates 'Buy-in', as they've been included in the process. This makes it much easier to roll-out the Strategic plan to other areas of the organisation.

Tip#4 - Create a Visual Strategic Plan - Is a plan really a plan if no one sees it? When you're on a road trip, do you look at the map just once at the beginning of the trip, and put it away? No, of course not. And our Strategic Plan should be the same. Once you've agreed your plan, get a designer to create a visual representation of the plan, and put it where people can see it. The contstant reminder will keep ALL the team focused and aligned.

Tip#5 - Implement the Plan - A plan comes to life through execution, and it can be the most challenging aspect of maintaining Strategic Alignment. If a plan sits on a shelf, gathering dust, alignment will not exist. Instead, you must ensure that each department is doing their part to implement the agreed actions. Often times, departments will come up with all sorts of excuses, such as not enough time, no resources, we don't know how to do, etc. So in these instances, it's a great idea to COACH your teams on how to achieve their parts of the Strategic Plan. As you Coach them, they are empowered, they grow, and you are able to ensure full alignment at every level.

About the author

Luke Salway

International Facilitator & Master Coach

Motivational Speaker, NLP Master Coach and Leadership Development Facilitator, Luke is passionate about helping companies and individuals unleash their full potential, to achieve Success & Happiness.

Having studied and taught various forms of Personal Development for over 20 years, in Australia, USA & throughout Asia, and having Asia as his base for living & working the last 15 years, Luke has the necessary experience and tools to help companies working in Asia reach new levels of success.

A career in Manufacturing for 10 years enables Luke to develop keen problem solving skills and processes for improving efficiencies at many levels. He followed this with hotel management for a further 10 years, giving Luke an intense personal interest in the art of communication, maximizing individuals potentials, and bringing teams together to form effective Leadership competencies. As a General Manager of a 5 star boutique resort, Luke’s inter-personal skills, communication mastery, and proven Leadership, give a solid foundation to help individuals and companies overcome challenges, and support them in achieving their goals.

Luke’s passion is helping companies achieve Strategic Alignment, Leadership Development & Sales Skills. A warm personality, deep understanding of human nature and the technical resources of NLP, Luke is the perfect choice for supporting your teams growth and development.

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