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What's your New Year's Resolutions & Goals for 2017?

This time of the year is when a lot of us set our New Year’s Resolutions and goals whether personal, professional or business related.

Life is full of transitions, changes, choices, opportunities, failures/mistakes, new endeavors, challenges, new projects, learning and decisions. Whatever choices and decisions we make, it will somehow affect our future. Transitions and journey allow us to look back and learn from our past and to look forward to improve and create a better future.

As we just bid goodbye to 2016 and just said hello to 2017, CTS team would like to share our top articles and posts in 2016 and a few articles we read to inspire and empower you.

First, to share with you our 2016 Top 3 LinkedIn posts on Coaching, LNG Fuels Role and EPC Contracts. As well as 2016 Top 3 Facebook page posts on our invite to CTS Preview Training, Our Season’s Greeting and December summary of activities.

Second, some of the relevant articles on setting goals and new year’s resolutions specific to most of our customers from HR, my favorite is (1) Continue to Learn, you can read more at 4 HR Resolutions for 2017 and from Leadership team, on resolutions that are imperative for leadership’s success and the impact it makes on people around you and the business you run which you can read more at 3 Leadership Resolutions You Need to Make For 2017

And lastly, here are some articles that will give you both insights and probably help you prepare for the future. Which jobs will or won’t be replaced by machines? – McKinsey. An interview with Atul Khosla of Mondelez International by Human Resources Online and helpful and Metrics you must track to scale B2B Sales Growth by Imagine LLC. Here’s some political transitions and concerns over trade at Economic conditions snapshot by McKinsey and 5 Learning Development Trends to watch in 2017 for those involved in L&D by Human Resources Online.

Do let us know how we can help you in your learning & development needs and how we can help you through articles, consulting and other services.

We look forward to work with you for a bright and successful 2017!

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