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Why People Should Be The Priority In Change Management?

I had the opportunity to join some change practitioners in #singapore with the generous invitation of Tim Wieringa on an insightful conversation on #changemanagement

I wonder for a bit why I was invited to this session but I am glad I came. I realized as a #training, #coaching and #consulting service provider, I facilitate, encourage and make change easier for others…

My key learnings:

1. Change management is a life skill. In every journey of our lives, we navigate changes that we cannot avoid. Building growth mindset self-awareness, leadership, influence, communication and resilience will be able to make it easier and exciting for us.

2. Change is definitely not the most comfortable process in life or business but being able to set the intention and knowing that it will create new opportunities, better results and possibilities… that’s being positive and hopeful about it.

3. Basically, change management is about selling the change you want to see for others and the organizations before you even plan and implement it.

Obviously, change in an organization may involve a lot of things before it happens.

In my poll where I reaised the question -- What would you consider the most important priority in facilitating change? The result as expected is people at 88% vote, changes depends on us being the ones who will initiate and implement it.

Here are some other insights from friends and connections on Why People Should Be The Priority In Change Management:

  1. "As a coach it is about partnering with a client to guide and support them through the process of change. To help a client see what is happening and what can happen. The how is up to them. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink." - Gail Gibson

  2. Tim Wieringa shared how my points are valid reason why we are very passionate about bring human centricity in the process

  3. Ouly Raymond shared - " as our behaviours are strong and deep patterns, they are difficult to change. On my point of view we should first recognize the change we need and it s already a challenge just to do it."

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