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What can we learn from COVID-19?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

The coronavirus created a huge impact on businesses and lives globally. No matter how bad it is, there's always something to learn from it.

I was feeling very excited that 2020 will be a good year for us to help more clients as we have received several positive responses from both new and existing customers. Requests for both proposals and contracts toward Q4 2019 and early Q1 2020. However, before I gave birth in February, response from clients became slow and cases of Covid-19 have increased tremendously.

We've shared quite a number of helpful articles on leadership and how to be Future-Ready in our earlier blogs which we believe will help to equip you in these trying times.

With more countries having lockdowns, stay at home and travel bans a lot of our daily activities were affected. It was unfortunate that the Covid-19 caused closure of businesses and worst, loss of lives globally.

However, as always, we do our best to look at the silver lining and learn from this. Here’s my learnings from Covid-19:

Leaders capability, preparedness and decisiveness are of utmost importance. For the government leaders for example, those that have made earlier decisions and took action right away helped to control the fast spread of the virus. These leaders who have looked into data and history of those countries who suffered earlier from Covid-19 that are able to slow down the curve.

Most big companies are looking into Business Continuity Plans to continuously serve customers while limiting contact to protect both employees and customers.

Companies, business leaders and governments globally are working together to help each other to discover equipment, test kits and vaccines to cure the coronavirus.

Staying Connected and Innovative ways to Communicate. As humans, we have to stay connected. Whether as family or colleagues, we have to make sure that we are checking on and helping each other. Finding innovative ways to do so, with Social media and technology available, all of this is possible. Keeping in mind that we are sharing reliable information, inspiring each other to stay hopeful and positive. Awareness videos and interviews were really helpful in communicating the do's and dont's to prevent further spread of the virus.

This is a good time to reflect, be mindful and know what is important. We have lived in a complex world and society has become materialistic. The stay at home and lock downs reminded us how important our health, environment and family is.This taught us a simple life where we are back to basics, living with only the essentials.

Creativity is an essential skill of the future. With all the limitations on travel and activities, businesses have to be creative on how to continuously serve customers. With events and face to face training for example that are temporarily cancelled or rescheduled, we have to find ways to keep our business and provide food to our family. I love how our community collaborate and help each other in this times where some have extended complimentary access of online programs, free webinars and discounted training that can be consumed while most people stay or work from home.

Humanity, Values, Teamwork, Hope and Gratefulness. In this situation we will see kindness everywhere, our values will be our guide and working together will be the key to get through this. Covid-19 will definitely create a massive impact in the economy and our lives. However, we have to stay hopeful and grateful for what we have and learn from this pandemic. Moving forward to things that we can do and can control.

I am grateful to be able to spend more time with my children and learn new things because of this disaster. Hopeful that everyone will be reminded of the important lessons we can learn from this. Keep safe everyone!

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